19 July 2014

10 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. About being pregnant. I wish I were better with words so that I could convey how utterly and sincerely thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to grow a human life inside of me. First, with our sweet Jonah Alexander. Then, for a second time with our precious angel baby. I was not pregnant for long, but I was still pregnant and I still yearn to hold our angel. And now? A third time with yet another miracle that, God willing, we will be holding in our arms in just 14 short weeks. I tear up when I sit down and think how truly miraculous it is to bring a child into this world.

I absolutely love being pregnant; adore it, even. Mind you, my pregnancy with Jonah was smooth as could be. I gained a total of 5 pounds, and came out of the hospital 20 pounds lighter than when I became pregnant with him. I never experienced morning sickness, my blood pressure ROCKED...I felt AWESOME! With Jonah, I was still scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees at 37 weeks pregnant. (This time, I've invested in a Swiffer Wet Jet.) I wish breastfeeding would have worked out a bit longer, but goodness. I could never complain! So far, this pregnancy is nearly identical to Jonah's. Of course, this could always change, but having another pregnancy go so smoothly and wonderfully makes me really think about how much I love being pregnant! Over the past few days, I've sketched out a list in my head. (Who doesn't love a list?) What's on this list? Things I love about being pregnant. You know, aside from the obvious things...like the miracle of growing a life inside of you :)

1. Peeing on things.
And by things, I mean pregnancy tests, of course. After two years of stark white pregnancy tests and so many tears...I'm fairly certain my heart stopped for a brief moment the first time I saw two pink lines fill the test window. I suppose it could be said that I have an obsession with peeing on things those first few weeks of pregnancy. With each pregnancy, we have spent upwards of $100 on pregnancy tests. Yes, I know...it's insane. But, it was the only thing I could do to keep my sanity. I would take a test every morning and every evening, date the tests, and compare the darkness of the lines. It's just a comfort thing for me. The cycle of my miscarriage, my lines never got darker. They stayed the same for about 4 days, and then all of a sudden started to get lighter. So yes, I obsess over line darkness. For me, it meant that my HCG was increasing, because my betas would confirm that. It's a security net, and in those first weeks where a positive pregnancy test can be scary, peeing on things kept me just a little bit more sane :)

2. Feeling beautiful and comfortable in my skin.
I have never felt more beautiful in my life than I do when I am pregnant. I promise I am not a vain person. I actually really struggle with my self image and put myself down a lot. I don't actually think I'm beautiful, I just feel beautiful. When I'm pregnant, I don't need to suck in my stomach. I can embrace my bulging belly...because there is a baby inside of me. My skin becomes flawless, most days (and it's important I stress the word most) are good hair days, my nails are beautiful (thank you Pre-Natal Vitamins) and I feel like I'm really glowing, like so many pregnant women before me :)

3. The kicks.
This one is another obvious one, but every single kick, jab, and movement remind me that there is a life inside me...a beating heart. I adore having two heartbeats for 9 months, and I adore knowing that for 9 months I am never alone.

4. The foot rubs.
Unfortunately for me, my husband isn't exactly a foot person. However, when I am pregnant, I can always convince him to rub my feet :) I can convince him while I'm not pregnant, as well, but it's so much easier when I remind him that I am carrying our baby, and my feet are aching :)

5. The baby bump.
I suppose I sort of touched on this already, but I adore my baby bump. I can clearly remember sitting in the hospital hours after Jonah had been born, staring at my flat belly (because clearly I'm weird and my stomach literally went back to being flat in a matter or hours) missing my bump!

6. The way my arm hair disappears.
Okay, laugh if you want, I'll wait :) In all seriousness, though, when I am pregnant, the normally very dark hair on my arms lightens so much that it is much less visible. This is unheard of (and welcomed) by this dark haired Italian :)

7. The pedicures.
Remember my husband? The foot-hater? Well, he paints my toes for me when I'm pregnant and can't reach. If that's not love, I don't know what is ;)

8. Spending money.
Okay, this one isn't just something I love while pregnant - let's face it. Hah! But, I do love buying baby gear and things we will need for when the baby comes. If I'm out and about and see an adorable outfit for the baby, I buy it :) When I see a good deal on baby gear, we jump on it! I love buying anything and everything baby!

9. The attention.
I hope you are reading the description of each of these points, because if you aren't, this one could sound so bratty. I am not a center-of-attention loving person. I'd rather blend into the background, actually. I am talking about the attention of my husband and Jonah. I could be in the kitchen making dinner, and Kevin will come up and grab my belly and talk to the baby. Jonah even notices my belly and gives the baby kisses. It makes my heart melt guys...just melt! I love that even though Jonah is only a toddler, he recognizes that there is a baby in Mommy's belly. Even our puppy acts differently when I'm pregnant! She will come lay on my bump ALL the time. She's totally my shadow when I'm pregnant and rarely leaves my side.

10. Watching Jonah become a big brother.
Technically this hasn't happened yet, but the process has already begun. Aside from seeing our sweet baby boy in just a few short months, I am most looking forward to watching Jonah become a big brother. My heart already swells just thinking about it.

{I was 34 weeks pregnant with Jonah here!}

Of course, let's not act like being pregnant is always sunshine and rainbows. I am absolutely terrified my feet are going to grow a size...again! I went from a size 11 to a size 12 with Jonah. If that happens again, I don't know what I'll do! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute, decent pair of size 12 shoes? Hah! What did (or do) you love about being pregnant? Let's chat in the comments!

18 July 2014

25 Weeks with Baby # 2!

How far Along: Today I am 25 weeks 5 days!

Size of Baby: I know that it varies, but according to one of my favorite websites, The Bump, our little jelly bean is the size of a head of lettuce...or about 13.6 - 14.8 inches long and anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 pounds! Wow…what a growth spurt from last week! It's so crazy that the baby is now measured in terms of pounds rather than ounces!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m down 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!

Maternity Clothes: Of course! I don't know why I waited to long to invest in Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts! LOVE!

Gender: It's a BOY! See our reveal photo here! We are also about 95% sure we have a name…finally! We’re going to keep it a secret until his Birthday!

Belly Button In/Out: Still in, but getting flatter!

Stretch Marks: No new ones for the time being :)

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no...and we hope it stays that way for at least another 13 weeks!

Movement: Yes, yes, yes! This little peanut is a mover and a shaker. I swear at times my whole stomach just shakes. I wish I could see what he is doing in there! :)

Sleep: Bathroom breaks are picking up again, which makes for lots of interruptions during the night!

Cravings/Aversions: No new cravings or aversions this week :) Though, I've passed on the duty of cutting raw meat to Kevin. THAT makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Symptoms: Definite cramping and lots of pressure down below. Baby Boy seems to be sitting VERY low and directly on top of my bladder ;)

Feeling: I feel great aside from the cramping and the constant pressure.

Best Moment this Week: Jonah says the baby's name! Of course, it's a little off - but it's adorable! Now, I suppose we shouldn't get carried away with this...so he doesn't let the cat out of the bag!

What I Miss: Honestly? Nothing. I LOVE being pregnant and wouldn't trade it for anything. Maybe a little chocolate ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To: Third trimester is only 2 weeks and some change away!

Milestones: We’ve officially hit Viability and I will be in the 3rd Trimester at 28 weeks!

Baby Milestones: Baby boy's eyelashes are grown and he is practicing breathing (amniotic fluid, not air) in the womb.

Next Appointment: August 1st! I will be almost 28 weeks :)

Here is my 25 week baby bump!

Here is my 25 week photo and blog post with Jonah :)

10 July 2014

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, I married the man of my dreams and we began our new life together as husband and wife. Thank you, for this beautiful life. I can't imagine my life without you.

Here's to many more :)