Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

December 03, 2014

Christmas is right around the corner. Is your shopping done? I am far from being done. However, we are finished with the boys. We found a few things in-store, but almost all of our purchases for the kids were online. Thank you, Amazon Prime. I'm pretty sure that I owe the FedEx and UPS delivery men a huge batch of Christmas cookies.

I am so excited for Christmas this year because Jonah is starting to understand more and more. We talk about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Although he doesn't completely understand - we are at least exposing him to the reason for the season. I know that as he gets older this will get more and more important. I dream of the day that we can incorporate Random Acts of Kindness into our Christmas traditions :)

Jonah was only 2 weeks old on his first Christmas, so aside from a few little things, we didn't really get him much. Last year we got him a little bit more, but again - nothing crazy. With him being super imaginative now and very much into opening presents, we splurged a little bit in the toy department. I mean, who needs livable space anyway? Won't toys always outnumber us? :)

Luca will be two months old this Christmas, so we didn't go too crazy as far as gifts go. We plan on filling his stocking with some little things he may need (pacifiers, a few small toys, a couple outfits, etc.) and one big thing, which you'll see below. We'll also be putting money aside for both boys' savings accounts. Obviously all of these gifts are for BOTH boys - it's just than Jonah will be the one opening this year :) Jonah will be getting some clothes, too.

I spent lots of time on Pinterest browsing for things that Jonah and Luca would love, so I decided to put together this post in hopes that it may help someone else!

One more thing I should add: I have two boys - so I know that my boys will enjoy them! However, your little GIRL may enjoy them, too :) These definitely aren't gender specific, so keep that in mind as you read :)

You may recall that Jonah's Birthday is December 7th. This is actually his "big" Birthday present! We are so excited to see his face when he realizes what this is :)

Jonah's imagination is seriously in overdrive lately - which is absolutely how it should be! He is going to LOVE playing with this. There is a little table saw, and you can even "paint" with water that changes the color of things. Kevin scored this on Black Friday on sale!

Block building taken to a whole new level. These kinds of toys are great for fine motor skill development and of course, imaginative play.

Is your little one taking an interest in the potty? Jonah sure is! He gladly tells me each time he fills his diaper. He also begins to take it off when it is dirty. These are both signs that potty training is in our future, so we decided to buy him this for Christmas! We've tried sitting on the big potty a few times, and he is terrified. Hopefully this will help ease his fears :)

We got this to go along with his potty chair. I've heard great things about it from other parents, so we figured it couldn't hurt! Jonah loves Mo (Elmo) and he'll be excited to watch this (we hope). We also got him a 6 pack of underwear to complete the potty trifecta. I can't believe we are venturing into potty training!

We have had our eyes on this for quite some time. I scored it on Black Friday for $26.76! I couldn't believe it, because I have never seen this for less than $50. We are thinking about giving this to Jonah for his Birthday so that we can expose him to it and start teaching him about the nativity before Christmas.

We were first introduced to Green Toys when I subscribed to Citrus Lane. All of Green Toys products are made from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials, reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. Jonah has a few of their other toys, but we thought this would be perfect to go along with his Home Depot Work Bench. The best part? I scored this for $5.00 on Black Friday!

Animal sounds are the greatest thing since sliced bread in the eyes of a toddler. A friend of mine posted this deal online on Black Friday, and I knew Jonah would love it. We got it for $9!

9. Board Books

I have fallen in love with the Little Blue Truck series. We have the other two books, and they are always the ones Jonah is reaching for. This particular Christmas edition has twinkling lights! I cannot wait for him to see this. I think this may be another Birthday present :)

Friends of ours suggested this book, so although we haven't read it yet - we ordered it for Jonah for Christmas! It looks adorable!

This is one of my favorites, and it's great for helping to teach sequencing and repetition. (Can you tell I have degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education?) :)

Right before Luca was born, we got Jonah the LEGO Duplo train set and he LOVES it. He plays with it every day. He is going to love this ice cream set :)

One of my Mommy friends told me about the Doidy cup, and I couldn't pass up getting one for Jonah. It is supposed to help with the transition from sippy cups to open cups. The slanted design is ideal for toddlers. We'll see how it goes!

Learning Resources is another one of our favorite brands. We already have a bunch of sorting/learning toys from them and the quality is excellent. Jonah is really into dinosaurs right now. When we visit Kevin's parents, he always goes for the dinosaurs they have - so we figured we'd get him some of his own for here! :)

Again, imaginative play is an AWESOME thing for toddlers and young children. He's going to love pretending with this set :)

Cars, Planes...you name it, Jonah loves it. I scored this movie (DVD, Blu-Ray, and a Digital Copy) for $9.99 over the weekend!

Another Black Friday steal! We got this for $4. Luca won't be able to "play" with it JUST yet, but he will in a few months!

Luca has amazing head control, and sooner rather than later he is going to be ready to sit up with assistance. He already loves to sit up while I'm holding him! We have the Bumbo, but I don't love it. We're getting this for Luca to use so he can sit with his brother on the floor and look around. It folds up flat for easy storage, too!

What big things are you getting for your children this year?
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