Bathroom Evolution

A few days ago we were able to finally pour cement as a base for the floor of our shower (clicking the link will take you to that post). Basically, when we remodeled the house, we took the attic and turned it into an upstairs. Due to the slope of the roof, we had a lot of angles to work around and we weren’t able to fit an actual shower stall. So, Kevin and his dad got creative and came up with the wonderful bathroom that we are hoping to have finished very soon! The angles make our house unique and give it character. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Well, today my dad came down to help us with the bathroom. We got all of the tile down the other day! Here are a few pictures of the finished shower floor tile: IMG_1126 Here is Kevin’s dad starting to lay the tile we picked for the floor of the shower! IMG_1129 Kevin cutting tile with the help of our mischievous kitten, Thea. I can’t even believe she was on the porch while he was cutting – the saw is insanely loud! Brave little kitten! Let’s hope what they say about curiosity isn’t true!
IMG_1130 IMG_1131 Here are a few shots of the floor…almost finished, and then completely finished. The only thing left to do is grout the floor and then we can move to the walls.

IMG_1133 Dad helped mud the part of our bathroom that will be painted. The purple drywall and the mudding on it remind me of clouds! IMG_1141 Hubby cementing the cement board seams. IMG_1134 Kevin’s dad getting ready to start drywalling one of the upstairs closets. Just one example of the many angles you can find up there! He was actually waving, but this picture looks like he is telling me not to take his picture! IMG_1140 Uncle Rick installing our bathtub faucets! Keep following our bathroom saga – there are many updates to come!

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