Mister Theo

We found a wonderful surprise gift upon returning from our honeymoon! To our surprise, this little cutie (although Kevin begs to differ…) showed up at our house and has been living with us ever since:
Theo has proven to be quite the mischievous kitten. He proved to me today that he likes to chew on shoes. How, you ask? By ruining two pairs of my brand new shoes for school. Maybe he’s trapped in a dog’s frame of mind? Theo and I are still working on getting Kevin used to the idea of having a companion. He grows on him most days, and then does something like rip apart the flowers on our porch. Those little things are setbacks, but we’re hoping to curb them soon. Until that happens, Theo sleeps on our porch and is happy as can be. I’ve never heard him stop purring since she arrived on our doorstep.

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