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We have been working around the clock on our home. We are trying to get it finished as fast as humanly possible. Thankfully we have so many helping hands, make that generous helping hands! Kevin’s parents and Uncle Rick have been such a help with the construction (and sometimes destruction) of our home. My mom and Jerry have spent hours painting, moving boxes, and organizing our kitchen. My dad and Shane have helped drywall on more than one occasion and it is appreciated more than we could ever express with words! Right now our home is about half finished. The downstairs is about 98% complete. We have almost all of the trim up and the only unfinished business downstairs are the three closets that need the drywall finished and painted. Currently we are shower-less. We have a small half-bath downstairs that is finished with a sink and toilet, but no shower. We’ve been showering at Kevin’s parent’s house since arriving back home from our honeymoon. They have been wonderful with letting us shower, store our clothes, and do our laundry at their house. Our goal is to have the shower tiled before school starts so that we can at least shower at our own house. The master bedroom needs a few more coats of drywall compound before we can paint and finish it, so for now the small room downstairs (which will eventually be our office and someday a nursery) serves as our bedroom! Once we get things more complete I will post pictures of our house in it’s entirety! Today began the shower saga! Kevin and his dad finished the cement board just yesterday and today they poured the concrete floor that will soon be covered with tile. Here are some pictures to document this lovely adventure! IMG_1116 Here is Kevin’s dad starting to level off the first batch of concrete. IMG_1118 It was a rather complicated process: Kevin mixed the concrete outside and put it into buckets and then had to bring it through our nicely finished downstairs and haul the (insanely heavy) buckets of concrete up the stairs and into the bathroom! IMG_1122 My husband mixing the concrete for our shower! IMG_1123 The lower half of the concrete is finished and reinforced with steel bars! IMG_1125 The finished floor! As soon as it dries, we are ready to tile! I am totally loving the bench in our shower. I can sit down when I shave my legs. Thank you hubby for thinking of me when creating our huge, soon-to-be beautiful, lovely shower!

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  1. So, I haven't seen the finished product of the shower??? I'm sure it turned out beautiful… been waiting for new photos.. 🙂

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