Our First Christmas Tree!

Thanksgiving has come and gone yet again and as I sit here typing I am in disbelief as to how fast this whole year is disappearing before my very eyes. Kevin and I had a great Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with our families – something our busy schedule sometimes prevents us from doing as much as we’d like. Just for the record, football season is still going on. We will start planning for next marching band season in January. I honestly do not think people understand the amount of work that goes into marching band, it is more than most people could handle, to be quite honest. We spend almost a whole year devoted to marching band, so a small break would be appreciated before we start gearing up for the next season. Oh well.Our break was very eventful. Thursday we spent the day with our families making three trips to different houses, which was fun! Friday we got up and cleaned our house top to bottom and started to move furniture around in anticipation of the arrival of our brand new Samsung 40” LCD TV, which should be here within the week. We also needed to make room for our Christmas Tree. This is not just any Christmas Tree, it is our first Christmas Tree as a married couple. This screams BIG DEAL to me. I’m a sap like that, I suppose. Anyway, after our cleaning spree we had to head up to Brockway for the football game. It was freezing. We sat in the frigid temperatures for about three hours and clapped and cheered for the football team as they won again (Congratulations, boys!) Saturday was shopping day, since we didn’t really have time to go Black Friday shopping.Kevin took me and my mom out to Sharon where we shopped the entire day away and I spent way too much money on things to decorate our first house. It was worth it though, and next year, we’ll have all of these decorations to use. It is hard starting from scratch, but worth every penny. Here are a few pictures of our very first Christmas Tree adventure! (Please excuse my after-midnight-and-all-I want-to-be-is-comfortable attire.)DSC_0222DSC_0224DSC_0226DSC_0227DSC_0232DSC_0166

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