Our Christmas Photo Shoot

‘Tis the season for so many wonderful things! Family, friends, snow, Christmas songs, hot chocolate, shopping, Christmas movies, scarves, mittens, skiing, sled riding, snuggling…need I go on? Kevin and I are so excited to have the opportunity to send out our first Christmas card this year! Ok, so, I might be a little (a lot) more excited than Kevin, but he was a good sport about letting me snap zillions of photos of us today! We definitely found some keepers! Here are a few previews: DSC_0191p3 (I LOVE www.picnik.com – A lot of people ask me where and how I edit my pictures…well, that is exactly where I go to do all of my editing! Some features are available to use the website for free. I’ve opted to pay the $25 for a year of access.) Kevin and I took turns snapping pictures of each other, too! DSC_0175 DSC_0185 (When you have a camera as awesome as Kevin’s dad, you would take picture after picture, too. Okay, no matter what, I would take picture after picture. Just as anyone in my family. Make fun of me now, but some day you’ll thank me for keeping a handle on all of our awesome memories!) DSC_0195 We had to take a picture with little Theo! He didn’t think it was necessary, but that’s okay!

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