Snow Day!

Last night on our way home from Oil City the snow was coming down; coming down very quickly at that! Thank goodness for my quick decision to “think ahead” for the weekend – I brought all of my work home from school last night that I need for the weekend. Anyway, Kevin and I tossed around the thought of a snow day. He seemed to think that we would have school, and I must admit a part of me did, too! When we got home Kevin went outside to shovel. For hours. He loves shoveling, and no, I am not being sarcastic. He seriously loves shoveling snow! The alarm went off at 4:45 this morning as it usually does, and Kevin got up to start packing lunches. About half an hour later, I heard Kevin’s phone ring and knew the verdict: SNOW DAY!

We were scheduled to have a flex day today. In this case, students are dismissed two hours early while staff stays for meetings and such. Since it doesn’t make much sense to have a delay and a two hour early dismissal, we figured that we would be closed. Today has been wonderful. We both got to catch up on our sleep, we got to relax with each other this morning. Kevin enjoyed his coffee, and I enjoyed watching him enjoy his coffee. Perhaps we will go make a snowman…

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