Welcome 2011

2011. It is hard to believe that we are currently living the beginning of a new decade. DECADE. I’ve walked this wonderful Earth for…let’s see…almost two and a half decades. I’m twenty five years old – a quarter of a century! I thank God for each day I’ve been blessed to be alive. 2010 was such a wonderful year for so many reasons. 2010 brought me an egad of memories with my family and my friends. 2010 brought me the wedding of my dreams and a caring, loving, best-of-the-best husband. 2010 brought me a new teaching experience in 2nd grade. I distinctly remember last New Year’s Eve, and precisely when the ball dropped I looked Kevin in the eye and (loudly) announced to my family that it was our wedding year. Tomorrow is January 10. Tomorrow will be exactly 6 months since our wedding. Where is the time going?
2010 brought wonderful memories, sad memories, maybe a few angry memories (hey, we all have those…) and I am ready to welcome 2011 with open arms. May this year be even better than the last 🙂

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