Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

I know that I should be able to sit down and write so easily the words that fill my mind and heart, but sometimes, it takes a little more than words.

I will never forget my Wedding Day for many obvious reasons, but one of the moments that will always stick out in my mind was the moment we shared a dance together.

I love that you are not only my mother but you are also my best friend and I cherish every single moment I have with you.

All of the things I could ever want to say to you are in this song. You chose to dance with me at our wedding to this song, and today as I listen to it I tear up looking back on how things have grown and changed in slightly under a year. I can’t wait to see the rest of our lives unfold.

You are the best. There is simply no other way to describe it.

Thank you…for loving me, for teaching me, for being proud of me, for cheering me on, for telling me I’m beautiful, for giving me confidence, for pushing me out of my comfort zone, for giving me my sisters, for giving me a strong foundation, for showing me how to love unconditionally…I love you.


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