Sweet Sister Time

My sisters are my best friends. Period. We are three peas in a pod and we do EVERYTHING together. It is such a blessing that though Kevin is now in the picture (love you honey) things haven’t changed one bit! In fact, things have become even better, if that is even possible. Little Julie is out in Ohio right now working her butt off at Cedar Point for the summer. Though I’m jealous of the awesome tan she is rocking from being in the sun for all hours of the day, I totally miss her. So, if you’re reading this Jules, we miss you and cannot WAIT for you to get home!

I love being on summer vacation because it opens up our schedule A LOT. Beth came down on Wednesday night and stayed over at our house until today, and it was perfect! We had a lot of fun! We always have fun when we are together and 9 times out of 10 we laugh until we cry! (That definitely happened during this visit!)

What did we do for two days? Well, we talked. We laughed. We exercised. (Okay, I put in my YourShape workout video for Wii while Beth laughed as I attempted to copy Jenny McCarthy’s exercise moves.) We laughed some more. We watched movies. We are movie lovers! Here is what we watched:

Have you ever seen any of them? Tangled was by FAR my favorite. (I will always be a little girl at heart.) It is an adorable movie and I’ve seen it 5 times in the past week. I’ve been singing the songs from the movie constantly during the day; I think Kevin knows them by heart now, too! Last night we went to Applebee’s for dinner, and I am so proud of myself because I ordered something from the Weight Watcher’s menu! Do you know how hard it is to do that when there are delicious onion rings right beside you? (Beth, haha.) After dinner we came back to the house and pampered ourselves with sugar scrub massages and facials. We even put cucumbers over our eyes! Check it out:

  Beth might kill me for including this picture!
By the way. Cucumbers on your eyes feel amazing! We both always thought it was “just something you saw in the movies,” but looked it up and decided to try it for ourselves after reading this:

“It is believed that cucumber helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. This is world-wide treatment which is being used to its maximum extent.

Cucumbers are the most wonderful and natural eye pads you can find for yourself. The puffiness and the tiredness in your eyes may just leave you, if you do this in a relaxed fashion. These natural eye pads do wonders after a long days work.”

Source: Herb for Heatlh’s Blog

Needless to say, it was a wonderful few days! No matter what we always manage to have fun when we are together!

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  1. hahahahahahaha just read this now! I HATE that you included the pictures!! hehehehe but had so much fun! and Hearing those stories on the way home from applebees still makes me want to pee my wants from laughing!!! love you!

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