Goodbye 25…

…hello 26! This past Friday, September 16th, I celebrated my 26th Birthday. 26…I remember the day I turned 13 so vividly, and here I am 13 years later celebrating the Birthday that puts me four years away from 30.

When did I become an adult? Why does sleeping in princess pajamas (Cinderella and Arielle were my favorite), having a bedtime, and crying over scraped knees seem like it was yesterday? Holy cow!

Anyway, before I get too depressed thinking about how fast the time as gone, let me tell you about my special day. My second graders made it very special for me…I received quite a few homemade Birthday cards (2nd grade drawings are so precious), flowers, a beautiful necklace, a cake (both one from a student and one from my awesome coworkers), and tons of love from my adorable kids and wonderful colleagues. It’s so nice to know that so many people went out of their way to make my day a special one…and that they did!

After school, Kevin took me out for dinner, and my sister Beth joined us! It was a great time, as always, when we are together!

We (Kevin and I) were both pretty tired from an insanely busy week, so I elected to come home and just enjoy a quiet night at home. Kevin got me this for my Birthday:

 …and as you can imagine I was very excited! I’ve been wanting one for awhile now, to use in my classroom and for taping my Colorguard and Drill Team girls…and also at home! It is very handy to have, and so small I can carry it with me anywhere!

Saturday (yesterday), my Dad, Bonnie, Julie, her boyfriend Matt, Beth, and her roommate Nicole came to our house for pizza and Birthday Cake. We had a great time together! It was a lot of fun to spend the evening with everybody. I can’t wait to do it again soon!

25 brought me many great memories, but there is one thing we have been praying for that we haven’t been blessed with yet…

…I pray that 26 will allow us to see that dream come true! 

Thank you again, everybody, for making my day a wonderful one! XOXO! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Goodbye 25…

  1. Awww happy belated Bday sweetie!!!! 26…. Ur still young girlfriend put on those princess pj's!!! 🙂 it's so cute to see kids get sooooo excited on which princess pj they're going to wear that night! My niece loves them!

    I'm so glad u had a great Bday! I love those low key bdays!! And I truly truly wish 26 is ur year! It WILL be. Just be patient and pray hard. Don't ever lose faith and strength. I know ull have easier days than others but just know each day u are closer to ur wish.

    Big hugs to u and I wish u many many bdays to come!! 🙂

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