Overwhelmed ♥

I am overwhelmed…

…in an incredible way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support, love, kind words, and prayers! Every single response warmed my heart, brought a tear to my eye, and made me smile ear to ear.

I hope the intentions behind my post were clear. My intention was not to tell a “woe is me” story. My intention was not to make anyone worry excessively. (I just need help having a baby, I am not sick. Infertility is not a disease.)

I wanted to tell my story to help others, not to seek attention and make you have pity on me. Within 24 hours of writing my post, I had 8 people come to me (privately) and thank me for sharing my story, because they have been going through a very similar situation in silence. That is why I shared my story…because those 8 people (and perhaps even more) know that they have someone to talk to that knows what they are going through. That alone was the reason I chose to share my story.

I am okay.

I am not sick.

Kevin and I are just fine! We always joke that we never do anything the easy way, so why should having a baby be any different? 🙂

So thank you. Thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for just being there to listen. ♥

5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed ♥

  1. Actually, the CDC considers infertility to BE a disease. And it's important that it be considered such. So many insurance companies deny coverage for treatments because they feel infertility is NOT a disease and that is just unacceptable. I think it's important to consider it a disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, or other things so that people take it SERIOUSLY and, hence, the money follows. Now, does that mean that the disease defines you or becomes YOU? Heavens NO. I also happen to have crohns disease, but it's not WHO I am, just a part of me. Infertility is the same, it's part of who I am and has impacted my history, personality, and thoughts in many way, but it's not all of me. Just my view, but, yes, infertility is a disease.

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