Surgery Success!

Hello friends! My surgery is over, and it was a success! If you missed the back story, read this post…it’ll help! I’ve been really excited to update all of you! Now that I am finally able to sit up without being in too much pain, I can write this post 🙂

Monday evening a nurse from the Surgical Unit called to give me specifics for Tuesday’s surgery. I was told that I needed to be at the hospital by 7:00 a.m. to get some labs drawn. The drive took us about an hour and a half, so we left our house at 5:30. Kevin, and my sister Beth were with me that morning. My Dad and Step-Mom drove down separate and arrived at the hospital around 8:30.


This picture was taken shortly after we arrived and I checked in at the front desk of the Surgical floor. When my Dad and Step-Mom arrived, we all sat in the waiting room and talked for awhile. The story of the morning revolved around my sister. In her frenzy to pack and get to our house Monday night, she grabbed two black boots. The funny party is, she has two pairs of these black boots, and she mistakenly grabbed the right boot from each pair. And she wore them to the hospital. It was hysterical. My Dad wouldn’t let her live it down! It was pretty funny!

I was a nervous wreck. With every passing minute, I found myself becoming more and more uneasy. Nurses were coming in and out of the waiting room calling names, and my heart would race each time. Around 9:15, I heard my name being called, and I swear all the color drained from my face. I was able to take one family member back with me in Pre-Op, so Kevin was my man 🙂

When we got back to my Pre-Op room, I told the nurses that I had yet to have my labs drawn. This caused a little bit of confusion, but they hurried around and were able to draw what they needed to before the surgery. I changed into my hospital gown, and they gave me an IV. Finally, it was time for Kevin and I to say goodbye. It was pretty emotional. A few tears filled my eyes, even though deep down I knew I would be taken care of. Any type of surgery is scary though, I don’t care what anyone says!
As Kevin left the Pre-Op room, I was wheeled down to the Operating Room. Once I got in the Operating Room, I was surprised to see such a large team of doctors and nurses. There were 8 people in the room when I got in there. The Anesthesiologist came in and told me he was ready to put me to sleep. The next thing I remember is the nurse holding the oxygen over my face and telling me to take deep breaths. That’s when I fell asleep.

My surgery started at 10:30 and I was out of surgery at 11:45. My RE went in to the waiting room and updated Kevin as soon as the surgery was finished. He gave Kevin the wonderful news that he was able to unblock BOTH of my tubes! He (and later I) was so excited to hear this news! Even though he originally suspected Endometriosis, he didn’t find any! I was very relieved to hear this news as well. There were no cysts or polyps, and he also checked out all of the organs he could see, and said that everything looked wonderful. They did a repeat HSG while they were in there and were able to get dye flowing nicely through both tubes, which is because they were able to unblock them! 🙂

After surgery, I was taken into the first part of recovery. It took me quite awhile to wake up. I remember the first time I opened my eyes, I heard a doctor say that it was 12:30. I also heard my nurse trying to wake me up and tell me to breath. Apparently I wasn’t breathing as much as I should have been and my oxygen was low. I immediately felt the pain and was given medicine to help ease it. I fell back asleep and woke up around 1:30. I got sick to my stomach this time from coming off of the anesthesia and it was awful. It wasn’t pleasant in the least, and it hurt like crazy. Finally, after my stomach settled down, I was allowed to try and stand. I walked to the second recovery room where my family was able to come and see me. I sat up in a recliner and sipped on Ginger Ale and nibbled on some Graham Crackers (which I later saw again, if you catch my drift).

Finally, around 2:30, someone came in to take out my IV and I was able to get dressed. That was tricky. I couldn’t bend over and it was very painful. We left the hospital around 3:00 and got home around 4:45. I was in so much pain when we got home…it was a rough night. I couldn’t sleep comfortably because I’m not able to lay on my side like I normally do.

This morning I woke up in a great deal of pain again. I hear that the day after is often the worst, so I’m hoping that after today I’ll be feeling better! It’s very hard to stand up…I’m still not able to stand up straight. My incisions are starting to get really sore now that the medicine is wearing off. However, this is all worth it if it means that we can have a baby someday soon! 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for all of the kinds words, thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words! I’m so lucky to have such amazing family, friends, and of course Blog Friends! My sisters have both been down to stay with me while Kevin was at work today. My Mom came down today, too! She made me my favorite dinner and we just relaxed and spent time together all day. It was really nice! 🙂 Kevin’s parents have been down to visit and they brought me beautiful flowers! I was so happy that my Dad and Step-Mom came down the day of the surgery. It was a lot easier to deal with surrounded by loved ones!

Picnik collage

I have these pretty things to stare at while I’m home cuddling with Paisley 🙂 Thank you again for all of your support, everyone! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you! If you got through this entire post, kudos to you! I’m sorry it’s so long! I’ll let you get back to your Wednesday night, now! Oh, and Happy Leap Year! 🙂

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