August 31, 2012

Back to School: Year Five!

I can’t help but sing (or at least hum) the tune from Billy Madison as school approaches every late August. You know, the ‘Back to School’ song? If you haven’t heard of this or seen the movie, please go pay YouTube a visit. I promise you’ll laugh!

Anyway, school has started back up again for the 2012 – 2013 school year. I had a mini panic attack when I realized that this is my 5th year teaching. Don’t worry, it was just a mini one…but really? Why has time gone so fast? One of my favorite parts about teaching, aside from my students of course, is decorating my classroom. For the first time ever last year, I decided to do a Classroom Theme. What theme, you ask? Well, Hollywood of course! I loved it, at first. And then? I got sick of it. By like, October. I need constant change. Even at home, I’m always moving furniture around and what have you. So, I decided not to do a theme this year and just go with tons of COLOR! I definitely accomplished that goal. I honestly think that this year is my absolute favorite classroom ever…well, in 5 years :)

What do you think?











Well, there you have it! My 2nd Grade Classroom for this school year :) I love it so much, and the kids have really been loving it as well. It’s hard to believe we already have one week in! I’m not a huge fan of starting school on August 24th (with two day so of teacher inservice…it is so darn hot!) but with a tentative last day of school set for May 23rd…I am very quick to remember that September (and cooler weather) is just around the corner! Happy ‘Back to School’ season to all of my Blog Teacher friends, and all of you with little ones going back!

Right now though, I am going to enjoy my Friday night and three-day weekend! I hope all is well with every one of you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Stephany Hyder said...

This makes ME miss 2nd grade. :)
Trip down memory lane...
I loved 2nd grade and I can still remember by teacher, Mrs. Schmidt teaching me how to spell deodorant and people! I never could get those - haha.

I really love the pom poms hanging from the ceiling. Adorale for sure!

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