A Little Life Update!

Hi everyone! Happy Labor Day! I have definitely enjoyed my three-day weekend! Though I wish we could rewind just a bit and go back to Friday, just to have another three days off 🙂 The most exciting part of our weekend was definitely putting together the Nursery Furniture! We purchased our crib and dresser from Babies R’ Us back in July because there was an awesome sale going on. The boxes have been sitting in our living room for over a month, because the nursery (which is currently our office) needed cleaned out and some furniture shifted around. To make a long story short, the nursery is still not cleaned out, but we were able to move some things around to at least squeeze the crib and dresser in there! Our house is small, so we are realizing quickly that we have to make use of all the space we can…which is why Kev is currently in the basement putting up foam, studs, and drywall. He is going to finish the basement so we can move the office furniture down there. I’m a little concerned about the time restraints here…drywalling the basement and having it painted and finished in a month or two? We can’t work on the nursery until this happens, and it really makes me panic because school has started again, and every Friday we now have football games with the Marching Band, and every Saturday we have competitions with the Marching Band until the very end of October/beginning of November. Our baby boy is due December 11th. Ugh! Anyway…sorry to go off on a little rant there. Bottom line is, we are working against a time limit here and I’m so scared we won’t be able to accomplish finishing the basement in time for us to get the nursery ready…which I have been itching to do! So, let’s go back to my happy place for a moment: the crib and dresser are assembled and in the nursery. Dad and my sister Beth came down this weekend to help, and it was a fun four hours! Haha! Here are some pictures: Dad and Kev putting the drawers for the dresser together 🙂 The shell of the dresser…and we were watching Armageddon 🙂 Haha! The crib pieces! We discovered that they didn’t label the pieces with stickers like they did with the dresser. The pieces were labeled in the instructions though…so it took awhile to figure things out. We did though…eventually! This was when we realized that the pieces weren’t labeled. Beth’s face says it all. Haha! I love Kevin’s face in this one. “Where the heck do these go?” The crib and changer are attached, which I love…and the dresser! All finished! I know this isn’t the greatest picture, but I’ll be sure to take tons of better pictures once the nursery is finished!   After we finished putting all of the furniture together, Dad helped us put up siding outside. We are almost done siding the house! We’ve just been doing a little at a time. I’m not sure if I’ve posted any siding progress, but here is a photo from a few weeks ago: We actually have the entire house done now except for the side facing the road, which would be the side on the left of this picture…the whole front is done now and it looks really nice!   Paisley has been looking extra adorable lately: She needs groomed really badly…she is finally back to her normal self after getting fixed three weeks ago! No more cone of shame! 🙂   Oh, and last night I made this: These are Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars and they are delicious! You can find the recipe I used here!   Well, that’s really all that has been going on lately! I am doing my best to keep up with everything, but I have to admit that I am feeling really overwhelmed right now. School has started, and even though it just started, I have been working on things all summer. So many people think that teachers sit on their bums and eat Bon Bons all summer long…which definitely isn’t the case. Between preparing for school and Marching Band, I spent almost half of my summer in school. 2nd Grade requires a lot of planning and preparation outside of school. Add Marching Band practices twice a week to this, Football Games every Friday, Competitions on Saturdays, Grad School starting up again for the semester, and entering the 3rd Trimester of this pregnancy…with an unfinished basement AND nursery? I think I need a paper bag to breathe into. One day at a time, I suppose. One day at a time. I am very blessed and lucky to be doing all of these things, I just hope I can handle it. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, friends! What was your favorite moment this week? Let me know in a comment! <3

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