Nuby Snack Keeper Review

At nearly 10 months old (I can’t believe I am even typing those words) Jonah is starting to really get into baby snacks. Puffs are a huge hit around here. Little J manages to get a few in his mouth, while the rest adorn his clothes, face, and our living room furniture 🙂 Oh, and Paisley is especially thankful for her favorite friend’s snacking habits, if you catch my drift. Oh how that puppy loves Jonah. And I’m 100% certain the feeling is mutual. Along with baby snacking comes the transportation of those snacks. We travel A LOT working an hour away from home…which means we are always on the go. I’m always looking for things to make our lives easier and more organized, and today I’m here to tell you how much we love Nuby’s Snack Keeper! IMG_3182 This little cup is currently one of our favorite baby items. Jonah figured out how to find his treats in no time at all…I mean, we’re talking less than 5 minutes 🙂 I especially love the soft lid. It maintains flexibility while also keeping the snacks inside the bowl 🙂 I have seen similar snack cups with a lid made of plastic. I didn’t care for them, because my first thought was that they may scratch and/or cut little hands! I’m being 100% serious when I say that the lid on Nuby’s Snack Keeper is extremely soft and gentle. IMG_3215 The cup itself holds 9 ounces of dry snacks and another feature that I love is that the bottom of the cup is also coated, preventing surface scratches. IMG_3201 We don’t leave the house without our Nuby Snack Keeper 🙂 It’s always filled with Puffs or other baby-friendly snacks. I love that even in our diaper bag, it doesn’t spill. I know this little cup will be put to good use with Mr. Jonah 🙂 IMG_3209 About Nuby At Nuby™ we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends and continual product development help us bring parents everything they need for their baby’s development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest and most simple choices for you and your baby. Where to Buy You can find the Nuby Snack Keeper at the following retailers: BuyBabyDirect,, Amazon, Ideal Baby, Baby Earth, Buy Buy Baby, Bealls, TJ Maxx, Sears, DD’s Discounts, Family Dollar, Ross Dress for Less, and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Connect with Nuby Follow Nuby on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated and find out more about their wonderful products. You can also check out the Nuby Website. Disclosure: I am a Nuby Mommy Blogger. I have received this product in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed on this blog in relation to Nuby products are 100% my own.

3 thoughts on “Nuby Snack Keeper Review

  1. We have the Nuby Teether Ring and a Nuby Sippy Cup. I love them both! I can't wait for more information from you about the Nuby products.

    Those kinds of containers always seem too good to be true. Really? They don't spill? 🙂 Lauren loves puffs too! I'm constantly picking up, or stepping on, puffs around the house.

    1. We love the Nuby Teether, too! 🙂 I have 2 Nuby Sippy Cups to review as well 🙂 I'm excited about that!

      When we have Puffs in the cup, they stay contained unless he is violently shaking it (which he sometimes does) but other than that, they stay in! 🙂 The Gerber Crunchies stay in really well because they are a little bigger than Puffs! 🙂 Jonah loves the Cinnamon Maple ones 🙂

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