Jonah’s Favorites at 14 Months

Jonah’s interests change on a daily hourly basis. I adore watching him learn and discover new things! He is very much into toys right now (especially the spice cabinet and pantry) and I thought I’d put together a little list of the things he is loving right now at 14 months!

{ 1 } Fisher Price Laugh and Learn to Stride Puppy
As soon as we get home from school, this is the first thing he runs to play with! I really like that this toy is versatile. He was able to use it when he could sit up by ‘feeding’ it the little shape blocks that came with it. Next, the seat comes up and babies learning to walk can use it to push themselves around the room. Finally, the seat folds down so babies and toddlers can use it to ride! The songs that play on this thing sound amazing, and Jonah LOVES pushing the buttons and watching it light up. His new thing is taking some of his smaller toys and putting them inside. If the seat is down, he will find a toy or two to balance on the seat and take his time pushing it around the house ever so carefully. All in all, this is definitely one his favorite toys to play with right now!

{ 2 } Little Blue Truck Board Book
This is a FAVORITE in our house 🙂 I love reading this book to Jonah, because he listens so intently! I exaggerate all of the sound effects like crazy, and he has even started to mock me when I do it 🙂 Hearing him try to HONK like the big truck in this story is one of the cutest things I have ever heard! Board books are such a great investment, too, because they can withstand toddlers much better and longer than your typical book.

{ 3 } Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm
Little People are a huge hit around here! They are perfect for his tiny little hands, and he will spend hours carrying them around like they are his most prized possessions. We got him this for his 1st Birthday, and he absolutely loves it! The barn itself offers many songs and sound effects. His favorite thing to do is take all the animals and drop them down the silo 🙂

{ 4 } Boon Fluid Sippy Cup
Is this not the coolest sippy cup you have ever seen? We are huge Nuby fans in this house, and we have almost every sippy cup they offer. I saw this one, however, on Amazon one day, and couldn’t help but order it due to it’s odd shape! It is definitely appealing to toddlers. Jonah loves how it feels in his hands. He spends a lot of time inspecting it. It took him a few minutes to figure out that it was a cup, but now that he knows what it is, there is no stopping him!

{ 5 } Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set
These little things seriously go everywhere with Jonah. He carries them to his favorite spots around the house, one by one, and once they are all where he wants them to be, he moves them to a new spot…one by one 🙂 These blocks are really durable, and the colors are appealing to babies and toddlers alike. We spend lots of time stacking these, because J loves to knock them down.

{ 6 } Plan Toys First Shape Sorter
This toy is perfect for the diaper bag, and it really helps to reinforce fine motor skills. We received this product in our January Citrus Lane box, and it has quickly become a favorite. Plan Toys is an amazing company. They are environmentally conscious and their philosophy is respectable. This toy goes with us everywhere, and guarantees a lot of interest as soon as it is in his hands 🙂

{ 7 } Sesame Street Playskool Racers
These little cars are always tagging along in the diaper bag. They are made of a really durable rubber material, and Jonah loves playing with them!

{ 8 } VTech Touch and Learn Storytime
This was a Christmas gift from Kevin’s parents, and it has quickly become another staple in our house! This thing is seriously amazing. Jonah LOVES playing with it independently, and we read it together almost every night. There are interchangeable stories that can click into place, and a little wand that you can push as you read which gives you more information about the stories. We definitely love this thing!

{ 9 } Melissa & Doug Puzzles
Jonah has the Jumbo My First Shapes and the Wooden Safari puzzles…and as you may expect, he loves them! These puzzles are so sturdy and durable, and perfect for little hands and fingers. He will spend a lot of time working to get the shapes into the proper place. They definitely keep him busy!

There are many more where these came from! I hope you found this post helpful. I will plan on doing another one of these in the very near future….because like I said, his interests change almost as much as we change his diaper 😉 Haha! What toys do your little ones love right now?

6 thoughts on “Jonah’s Favorites at 14 Months

  1. Cass seems to like her Leap Frog toys, from the picnic basket to the cell phone to the radio. She is also loves her "What's Inside Box" from Lakeshore Learning. Book-wise, she is obsessed with "Moo Baa La La La", "Llama Llama Hoppity Hop", and any books that make noise. More often than not though, she is trying to steal whatever her brother is playing with. 😉

    1. Awww! I have seen the Leap Frog picnic baskets before, but only in pink! They are super cute! 🙂 It's so cute that she is after her big brother's toys 🙂 I'm sure he loves it!

    1. Annette, thank you so much for stopping by! I'm sure we will be in the wooden and play trains phase sooner rather than later! 🙂 I absolutely adore your blog. Your son is adorable! <3

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