Easy and Delicious Cheesy Bacon Potatoes…on the Grill!

Okay, friends. The recipe I’m about to share with you has been in our family for years. My Dad made these delicious potatoes a staple side dish for many of our Summer dinners growing up. Not only are these potatoes absolutely scrumptious, they are also very easy to make! There’s also an added bonus…there is basically no clean up! Are you ready? You’ll definitely want to Pin or Bookmark this recipe!

What You’ll Need

  • Foil
  • Enough potatoes for how many people you are serving (I normally use 7 or 8 small/medium sized potatoes for the three of us…but we love leftovers!)
  • One stick of butter
  • Garlic Powder
  • Pepper
  • 1 Green Pepper
  • 1 Red Pepper
  • A small block of Velveeta cheese
  • Real Bacon Bits
What You Do
1. First, you’ll need to lay out two or three long pieces of foil overlapping each other (the pieces should be about 24 inches long). This creates the “pouch” you will cook the potatoes in. Be sure to layer it so it doesn’t come apart on the grill – that could be messy 😉
2. Next, you’ll need to wash and scrub your potatoes. No peeling necessary, as the skins stay in tact! After they are washed, simply dice them up into small pieces and put them in a pile on the foil pouch.
3. Next, season with garlic powder and pepper. Then, take the stick of butter and cut it up into slices (I normally get 10 or 12 slices per one stick of butter). Place them evenly on top of the potatoes. Finally, cut up the green and red peppers and sprinkle the pieces all over the pile of potato-ey goodness.

4. Now you are ready to fold up the ends and sides of your foil to create the pouch you will place directly onto the grill. The top potatoes should be completely enclosed in the pouch, so be sure to pinch the sides that meet on top together. Sometimes I will put an extra piece of foil across the top!

5. The potatoes will need to cook for about 45 minutes. Of course, this can vary. You’ll want to “flip” them every 15 minutes or so.
6. After the initial 45 minutes, you’ll want to cut the pouch open in the center and pull back the foil so you can see inside. This is where you add in slices of Velveeta! I normally use about 3/4 of a small block of Velveeta. Also, at this point, you can poke them to see if they are done. They should be soft.
7. After the Velveeta has been added, let them on the grill for about 10 more minutes. (If yours aren’t quite done at this point, this can be extra cooking time as well.)
8. After the cheese has melted, simply slide the pouch onto a cookie sheet, bring them inside, and voila! You’re finished 🙂
9. The very last step, is to add the real bacon bits (or bacon crumbles) if you so choose. Just sprinkle them on top to your liking. We stick a spoon in them, and serve them right from the foil pouch. You could also put them in a bowl if you are having a more formal dinner 🙂
Aside from how amazing these taste, my favorite part about this side dish is that you can simply ball up the foil when you are finished, throw them away, and not have any clean up to worry about! 🙂
What are your favorite Summer recipes? Will you try these potatoes? Let’s talk in the comments!

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  1. Thanks Jamie! I was itching for a little change 🙂 And the potatoes are DELISH! You'll have to try them out sometime! Hope all is well with you! XO!

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