34 and 35 Weeks with Baby # 2!

How far Along: 35 weeks 1 day today!

Size of Baby: I know that it varies, but according to one of my favorite websites, The Bump, our little jelly bean is the size of a coconut…or about 17.2 – 18.7 inches long and anywhere from 4.5 – 5.5 pounds!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m down 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m hoping to keep steady at my current weight until delivery. Only 4 or 5 weeks to go!

Maternity Clothes: Yeppers, all the time. With only about a month left, I don’t want to buy anything new…I feel like I wesr th same 4 or 5 outfits! Oh well 🙂

Gender: It’s a BOY! See our reveal photo here! We are 100% set on a first name, but still don’t have a solid middle name choice. Ugh. We’ve been back and forth for months! I honestly don’t think we will have the name set until we see him!

Belly Button In/Out: Flat as a pancake!

Stretch Marks: A few new ones on my stomach, but nothing major!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks like CRAZY!

Movement: I am seriously going to miss him moving inside of me once he’s here. It’s my favorite! This little guy moves a lot – but definitely has his stretches where he is more active than other times. Usually in the afternoon I feel him the most 🙂

Sleep: Sleep is pretty hard to come by these days. Such is the story for the next few years 🙂

Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream 🙂 All I want is an Apple Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I hope they still have them once I deliver!

Symptoms: I’m going to go ahead and say that I am officially uncomfortable. I didn’t experience the “uncomfortable” part of pregnancy with Jonah. I do feel like I’m a little bigger at this point than I was at 34/35 weeks with Jonah, so that could be why. I just ache and am sore 24/7 and never get any relief. I wouldn’t change it for the world, however 🙂

Feeling: I feel great aside from the aches, pains, and general state of uncomfortable-ness.

Best Moment this Week: Jonah is infatuated with my belly. It seriously makes me so happy! He gives baby kisses, shares his food with him, and even his toys. He will say baby’s name, lift up my shirt, and say “Hello baby!” I need to get it on video this week!

What I Miss: Nothing. Except maybe being able to shave my legs, hah!

What I’m Looking Forward To: I don’t want to wish time away, but I really cannot wait to see this little boy!

Milestones: We’re only 2 weeks away from being full term!

Baby Milestones: Baby boy’s hearing is fully developed!

Next Appointment: Thursday, September 25th for one of my twice weekly NSTs. My next big appointment is September 30th where they will do a growth scan to see how big our little guy is. From there, we’ll decide my delivery options due to Gestational Diabetes.

I’ve missed a few updates and photos, but here is my most recent one taken this evening at 35 weeks 1 day courtesy of my iPhone and hubby! (I tried getting Jonah in the photo, but that just wasn’t happening!)
For comparison’s sake, here is 35 weeks with Jonah!

2 thoughts on “34 and 35 Weeks with Baby # 2!

  1. Oh gosh! I did not even know Dairy Queen had a Apple Pie Blizzard. I need one like yesterday! 🙂
    I know I have said this like a million times, but this is the fastest pregnancy I have seen. Crazy-fast. You're heart will beat in a different way and I can't wait to watch Jonah be a big brother. 🙂 You look fabulous.

  2. You HAVE to try one of those blizzards, Mama. I promise it won't disappoint! 🙂 And I agree with you completely – this pregnancy has FLOWN! I cannot wait to see Jonah with his baby brother for the first time. My heart swells just thinking about it! 🙂 You are the sweetest – thanks Mama! <3

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