Maternity Photos with Baby # 2!

In November of 2012, about one month before our precious Jonah Alexander entered the world, we had maternity photos taken. Those photos are something that I hold near and dear to my heart and look back on fondly. When you take the time to realize what a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, it truly is amazing and a miracle.
I knew that I wanted to have a few maternity photos taken with this little peanut as well, but due to the pure craziness that is our life – there was just no time to schedule professional photos with another photographer. So, last night, I enlisted the help of my sister! I adjusted all the manual settings and taught her how to shift focus points. The resulting are some of our favorites from our mini photo shoot in our back yard. Of course, Jonah all but refused to be in any of the pictures with Mommy and Daddy, but we still got some cute ones of him by himself. Welcome to Toddlerhood, right? 🙂 I hope that he cooperates enough to get some cute shots with his baby brother for the first time! We’ll find out in only a few more weeks 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll be 36 weeks…and I can’t even believe it!
Did you have maternity photos taken with your pregnancies? I know it’s something I’ll always cherish. Now, if I could just take the plunge and hire a birth photographer!

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  1. These came out so great! I love your dress! I had pregnancy photos taken when I was pregnant. It was by a friend, so thankfully I got a great deal on it! I think it was the best money spent!

  2. Fun pictures, especially with the pumpkin. I never took 'official' maternity photos since I was pretty miserable, but I love looking at other people's pregnancy glow! Just a few weeks to go, good luck!

  3. Great photos! I'm gearing up for my maternity photos with my second. I didn't do them with my first and I really don't know why. For some reason I was uncomfortable with them. But I totally agree with you. When you think about how much your body goes through and does for you and your baby, you want to document it! Especially if you're thinking it might be the last time you do it (which I am…)! Thanks for sharing and good luck! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much Jessica! I have loved this dress throughout my entire pregnancy – I'll miss it once my baby bump is on the outside 🙂 I totally agree that money spent on pictures is never money wasted. Memories are so precious! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  5. I will definitely have to stop by and check out your blog – I love finding other blog Mamas to follow! 🙂 It really is amazing to think about what our bodies are capable of! Good luck with your maternity photos! I'm so happy you stopped by! <3

  6. These turned out wonderfully! I'm a professional photographer but I've actually NEVER hired a photographer for my family. Honestly, I'm so picky that I almost feel like I might cringe dealing with someone else taking our photos! As far as maternity photos go, my husband took a lot of photos of me under my direction – haha!

  7. Thanks Gillian! I feel like I would be the same way as you – with certain photographers that is! I know a few photographers that I completely admire and look up to! One of them will be doing the baby's newborn photos! 🙂 I bet your maternity photos look amazing! It's fun to train our family members into photography helpers, isn't it? 🙂

  8. So beautiful!!! I haven't been blessed with any children so I haven't taken these pictures but I do love seeing other women with their pregnancy glow and little ones. You look wonderful.

  9. I love your dress–the back is so pretty! I didn't have professional maternity pictures because, by the time I got to the usual maternity picture time, I was gigantic and hated life. We did take weekly pics so I have some record of my giganticness! 🙂

  10. Great shots and how much more memorable because you and your sister took them together! You may have to get sneaky with the pictures, but I am sure you will get some fabulous shots of the boys together. It's all pat of the journey 🙂

  11. such lovely photos! i know you will cherish them. i had planned to take maternity photos when i was pregnant, but our little one decided to come into the world nine days early, so we missed out! 😉

  12. I love the pic of your tummy and the pumpkin! What a wonderful picture! I have few, very few, pictures of me when I was bregnant. Wish I had more.

  13. That's one of my favorites, too! 🙂 I totally understand wishing you had more pictures. That's why I vowed I would always take weekly photos and do a small maternity session! 🙂 It really is so nice to look back on them! But, now you can take pictures of your little ones and I'm sure you have tons of those! <3

  14. Beautiful shots! I've yet to do any professional pics with our family! Since this may be my last pregnancy I totally want to splurge!

  15. You look great, and I love the photos! I do pregnancy shots for friends as well… love creating images of intimacy, love, and cherished beauty (that mother-to-be glow..!). I've never heard of a birth photographer, but given what I've heard about birth, I hope those photos would be of the family and bundle of joy, not the actual crowning process… (assuming that's the case?) 🙂


  16. So sweet!!! And Jonah is getting to look like a big little boy. Growing up WAAAY too fast! Can't wait to meet the newest baby boy!!!

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