I Want to Remember

I want to remember…
– how messy (but amazing) it is to bake with Jonah 😉
– the look on Jonah’s face when he hears the snow plow go by, and how he runs to the window screaming, “Big Truh!”
– how Luca absolutely stares so intently at his big brother, and then immediately bursts into a gummy grin
– how baby soft Luca’s skin is (we finally beat you, eczema!) and how he smells after his bath
– that Jonah calls himself “Awn-ah” and loves to now say, “Awn-ah do it!”
– how no matter how long Kevin or I have been gone, he runs to us with his arms outstretched and yells “Mamaaaaaa!” or “Dadaaaaaa!” the whole way across the room until he can wrap his arms around our legs
– how Luca will coo, talk, and smile back at you
– how proud I felt the first time Jonah used his potty 😉
– that Jonah’s current favorite song is “Shake it Off” by T. Swift, and we have to dance to it AT LEAST once a day 🙂
– how empowering it feels to complete a workout with two babies at home and a toddler on your back during planks 😉
– how Jonah grabs a book, hands it to me, and says, “Mama ree?”
– that Jonah can vocalize many of his needs, and even will go so far as to pick out his own clothes
– that at the end of the day, my babies are older than they were that morning, and I’ll never get that time back
– what it feels like to hold a sleeping toddler in one arm and a sleeping baby in the other
One of my favorite bloggers, Maggie Whitley, started a series called “I Want to Remember” and I think it is a beautiful way to help me remember the amazing moments that motherhood brings. The goal of these posts is to help me remember what’s going on at this stage in our lives, because let’s face it – I don’t always remember to write these things down. I plan to continue writing “I Want to Remember” posts not only for me, but for my boys to look back on someday.

One thought on “I Want to Remember

  1. There is so much to remember, isn't there? I have started to make my Facebook into a printed book through "My Social Book" so I can remember all the sweet and silly little things the kids have done or said. When your kids are older, they will delight in hearing you tell them stories about what they were like when they were little. We have many of those conversations. 🙂

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