Luca at 3 Months

So, yes, I’m a little bit late (again) seeing as this sweet little boy will be turning 4 months old in less than a week…but it’s okay, right? Maybe someday I will be able to juggle all of the hats I currently wear, but that day obviously isn’t today. I’m working on it 🙂

It’s really hard to believe how fast time has gone since having Luca back in October. I already feel like he is out of the newborn stage. It’s going way too fast, and I’m not ready to face the fact that before I know it, this little one will also be a walking, talking, toddler. Life has such a funny way of sneaking up on you.


Our last wellness visit was back in December, and he was almost 13 pounds at that time. His 4 month appointment is coming up next Friday, and I’m going to guess that he is somewhere between 16 to 18 pounds. This little man is such a chunk compared to his brother! He is SO tall, too. I’m going to guess he is close to 27 inches long. I just cannot get over how much he has grown!

He’s still holding strong in size 2 diapers. I think we have a little bit of time left in this size! We aren’t currently experiencing any leaks or blowouts, and they fit comfortably. Our favorite brand at the moment is Huggies Little Snugglers. They seem to be the best for us at this point! He is officially in 6 month clothing, and actually can fit into 6-9 month. I’m not even buying anymore 6 month clothing, because he is just way too tall. It finally happened that we’ve hit a season gap, too. Jonah was wearing 6 month clothing when he was 6 months old – which was during the summer. Oh well, it’s not like I mind a little baby boy shopping spree!


Now that I am back to school, Luca is officially weaned from breastmilk (the little that I was producing) and on formula. I wish I could have breastfed longer. I wish our circumstances would have been different. I wish I could stop beating myself up over it, but I can’t. Anyway, he is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. It’s a rare occasion when he makes it longer than 3 hours because this kid loves his “wawa” as Jonah calls it. His last bottle of the night is 6 ounces, and he takes it around 8 or 9 o’clock and then sleeps straight through the night until 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. He still is a very pleasant eater and doesn’t mind what bottle it is coming from – we have all different brands! My personal favorite are Dr. Brown’s and the Playtex Vent-aire, but Luca honestly doesn’t have a preference 🙂

We are definitely going through a stage of wakefulness. Like I mentioned before, we try to loosely follow the “Eat, Play, Sleep” schedule, but we aren’t too strict about sticking to it – especially with me being back at work. He typically takes a little snooze in between feedings. Sometimes he will give us a pretty long stretch, delaying his feedings. We follow his lead!
We still have Luca sleeping beside us in the Rock n’ Play. He is sleeping completely through the night. We put him down around 8 or 9 o’clock and aside from the occasional fuss around 3, he sleeps through the night without a peep. We have been blessed with great sleepers, even though they are both still in our room 🙂
These two boys are my WORLD…my absolute world. I just can’t believe they are mine – I can’t believe that we are their parents. Jonah LOVES Luca. Yes, still. And while I fully believe that this will change once Luca becomes mobile, I’m soaking up every second while I still can. The other day they started to laugh at each other for the first time. Jonah started laughing – one of those great big belly laughs, and Luca did it right back to him. Pretty soon we were surrounded by a chorus of baby belly laughs and I might have shed a tear, or seven. It was a really amazing moment, one that I won’t soon forget.
Jonah is really helpful with Luca, too. He loves to be in the midst of everything, and I adore him for it. He wants to help change diapers, feed him, tickle him, play with him, and share his toys with him. It’s really a beautiful bond that I can’t wait to see grow and strengthen with each passing day.
Luca baby, you are such a sweetie pie! You smile ALL the time, and you laugh constantly. Simply making eye contact with you erupts you into this big, toothless smile that I cannot get enough of. You still hate tummy time, but you are getting better at it. The other day you even sat unassisted for about 5 seconds before toppling forward. You are an eating machine! The only time you cry or fuss is when you or hungry, need your diaper changed, or need burped. Otherwise? You are happy as a lark and as pleasant as can be.
You are starting to hold onto toys and become noticeably stimulated by movement and sound. One of your favorite toys is your elephant that makes a “crunchy” noise when you touch it. Your hair is still red, and you are going through a stage right now where you need to wear mittens around the clock. The eczema on your body has cleared up immensely, but your head is super dry, and you like to scratch yourself until you bleed. Mittens are definitely a must!
Your eyes are still the most beautiful, icy, blue. I really hope you keep those baby blues, because Mommy can’t get enough!
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  1. He is adorable! And your photography is great! I had the same trouble with my two girls in regards the sizes of clothes verses seasons. One was a spring baby and the other a fall. I've been able to hand down most of the oldest clothes to the little, but sometimes you just need to go on a little one shopping trip. 🙂

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