Favorite Baby Products: The Four Month Edition

I still cannot believe that our littlest love is already 4 months old. If it’s even possible, I feel like this whole thing is going faster the second time around. Although I could talk about baby products ALL day long, I wanted to share with you our all-time favorite products at this stage. These nine products are our go-to favorites that we couldn’t live without!

This little gem was a life saver with Jonah and so far seems to be following suit with Luca. It’s a soft, cozy, place to lay baby whenever you need to – it’s especially come in handy while chasing around a toddler πŸ™‚ Luca loves to nap in his, and he is currently still sleeping in this beside our bed. The slight incline is perfect for reflux babies, the cover comes off for easy cleaning, and some models even have built in vibration!
There are a ton of different diaper caddies out there, but I fell in love with this design and that was that. When we had Jonah, we were constantly running up and down the stairs for diapers, wipes, and all of those good things that go along with diaper changes. We finally wised up and began storing diapers and wipes in an extra dresser drawer we had upstairs at the time, but it wasn’t exactly functional.
This time around, I knew that I needed some sort of organization – so I came across these on Amazon one day and knew I had to buy one. The nursery downstairs is stocked full of diaper changing necessities, but with Luca still sleeping in our bedroom upstairs (and Jonah, too) this has definitely come in handy. We have it stocked full of diapers in both sizes for the boys, wipes, and the outside pockets hold things like Vaseline, A&D Ointment, Desitin, a baby brush and comb, a temporal thermometer, baby lotion, a nasal aspirator, and saline spray. It has handles on it so we can bring everything to the bed in one quick motion, or we can even bring it downstairs in the living room if needed. I especially recommend this if you have a two-story home, but it’s even handy to have lying around in the living room!
We definitely used our baby bath tub when Luca was a newborn, but now that he’s much sturdier and almost sitting up on his own, we are loving this seat! I especially love it because it sits on the floor of the bathtub and I can bath both boys together instead of bathing one in the large tub, and then having to bath Luca separately. Obviously you have to be smart about a seat like this. I NEVER leave Luca’s side and I only allow Jonah to have the water a few inches deep.
The mesh is soft for baby and it dries instantly – so no mildewy smell like we experienced with our other baby bath tub!
We are huge fans of white noise around here, and this cuddly little sheep is something we can’t live without! We use it for all of Luca’s naps and even overnight. Jonah actually has come to love it, too. The sheep is super soft, with controls located in it’s back. There are 4 different sounds, an adjustable volume knob, and a timer that you can set for either 23 or 46 minutes. Our favorite sound is the ocean sound – it puts the kids to sleep almost immediately!
Both boys had severe eczema that showed up about 4 weeks after birth, but Luca’s has just been awful with no end in sight. We have tried EVERY product on the market, and nothing was working. I finally caved and purchased this lotion and it is the only thing that has cleared up the eczema on his body. It has no scent and unlike other creams and lotions, it doesn’t burn on contact with irritated skin. It’s definitely pricey – but so worth it!
We have the larger version of this teether as well, but right now Luca is loving the smaller version with handles. We aren’t quite to the teething stage yet, but it’s definitely on it’s way! Luca has been drooling far more than normal and is chewing on everything in sight. This little teether is the perfect thing to chew on!

{ 7 } Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

Many of you know how obsessed I am with Aden + Anais products. I didn’t really know what they were when Jonah was born, but that all changed this time around. We have about 15 of these Burpy Bibs and they are amazing! They are contoured to fit the shape of your shoulder, large enough to last a few feedings, have super cute prints, but best of all – they also double as a bib!

{ 8 } Oball Rattle

We’re huge fans of Oball products! Luca isn’t quite at the stage where he can hold objects in his hands, but he can definitely hold the Oball πŸ™‚ We have this exact one and the noise is stimulating, but not over-stimulating. He loves the bright colors, too.

{ 9 } Boppy Noggin Nest

One of the things you have to watch when having babies sleep in a Rock n’ Play or something similar is their head shape. When babies lie in the same position, sometimes their heads can flatten. Jonah had a very noticeable flat spot on the back of his head that did eventually correct itself. In an effort to prevent that, we purchased this pillow, and it has been great! Luca does not have a flat spot on the back of his head – and I honestly believe it is because of this pillow!

There you have it – our current list of favorite baby products! I should also add that this is NOT a sponsored post. These are products we use every day that I wanted to share with you!

What baby products are you currently loving?

56 thoughts on “Favorite Baby Products: The Four Month Edition

  1. It's been so long since my boys were babies that I totally forget what they needed when they were that age. It was fun to see all the baby products πŸ™‚

  2. I love the rock and play and those bibs so much. Discoveries with our last kiddo and I can't wait to use them again with this one on the way. I've been looking for a new, smaller tub. Would you say this one you have listed works with the itty bitty babes?

  3. I think my favorite from the bunch is the Trend Lab Diaper Caddy! I love that the bag is wide open for easy access and that it's got lots of outside pockets! No digging around looking for everything!

  4. Great products! We had and used #1 too, it was so convenient to be able to move it from room to room and keep sleeping baby close. I might use the mustela lotion for myself. My skin is super itchy this pregnancy and I can't find a lotion that works.

  5. My babies are old now, but I would like to point out that the Trend Lab Diaper Caddy would be fabulous for carrying around my craft supplies πŸ™‚

  6. My friend is having a baby, so I'm all about the baby stuff again. She's crazy for giraffes, I bet she'd adore Sophia. It's so much fun, seeing all the new stuff that's out! Thanks for sharing these great baby products!

  7. I had a lot of these
    products when my boys were babies. It is amazing so many products have been
    introduced over the years that can make a new mom and infants life so much more
    comfortable. I am always amazed when I see products that weren’t around when my
    boys were babies.

  8. The rock n play is my favorite baby product too!!! I just bought my aunt one for her new little girl who's almost here πŸ™‚

  9. Oh man – there are so many great items now that weren't there for my little guy and me – I love the bath seat – I always held his head as I washed him – life gets easier, even as we get busier it seems!

  10. My daughter had the Oball when she was younger and LOVED it up until she was 2. It's such a simple item, but it's great!

  11. I have four kids and I've only used 2 of these, the rattle ball for all four kids and my last son used the rock n play. Which he didn't last in it long, because he got too big, he was already too big when he was born, but it did help him. I never had baths for kids, always washed them in a kitchen sink.

  12. That diaper caddy will be so useful for moms. My sister
    has one, so it always looks like she’s organized when she’s really not haha!!!
    It has all those pockets that can hold diapers and other baby stuff!

  13. Wow four months old already. The time sure does fly by. It seems like yesterday my kids were babies. Now they are 19 and 21. These are great products to give as shower gifts.

  14. Wow, congrats on four months old! Time really flies doesn't it? I haven't had any children, so to be honest, I don't know much about these products, but I'm glad you've been enjoying them. Anything to make parenting easier and to get a few extra minutes of shuteye is golden!

  15. The sleep sheep by Cloud B came out after my kids were older. I love that thing and wish it had been around when my babies were small. There are so many great toys for kids! It helps when people share what works and doesn't work.

  16. I an 8 love with the Trend diaper caddy. I'm a professional organizer after all snd I love products that will fit the bill. I also love the giraffe teether. I miss my babies but they are all grown up.

  17. { 6 } Sophie the Giraffe is my favorite. I have seen a few versions of Sophie and I just think the giraffe is so cute. I dont have a baby who needs it, but I have some friends who do.

  18. Those are all so cute. I love Sophie the Giraffe most of all though. I actually want a figurine giraffe but couldn't find one. πŸ™‚

  19. My grandson had a Sophie the Giraffe teether and he just loved it. It's interesting how some kids get so attached to certain things.

  20. Such lovely gifts. I have bought some gifts a month ago from Ginger Kids for the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Do you think this presents are the best?

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