Monthly Goals: March 2015

It’s hard to believe that we
are already beginning the third month of the year. After this month, 2015 will
be ¼ of the way over. I don’t know about you, but that just blows my mind! I
try really hard not to wish time away, especially with two littles at home.
However, I will be really happy when all the white stuff outside is gone.
Western Pennsylvania sure has taken a beating this winter. Although I’m not
normally one to complain about snow, I can’t help but long for sunshine, the
feeling of grass between my toes, and taking the boys outside. This has been our view for the past few months:

Did you make a New Year’s
Resolution? How is it going? I didn’t make one this year, but I’m about to try
something different. Starting now, I am going to make a list of goals to work
on over the course of the month. Once the month is over, I will take a look at
how I did and come up with a new list to tackle for the new month. Since it’s already
March 3, I need to get my goals in writing, which is exactly what
I am doing today!
1. Complete another round of the 21 Day Fix
In January, I began my
journey with the 21 Day Fix. Autumn Calabrese is amazingly in shape, let me
just say. I, however, am not. I am round. Round is a shape 😉 With the first
two rounds I ended up losing a few pounds. However, after I went back to work I
completely slacked off and ended up gaining some of it back. I started a new
round yesterday, and I’m really excited about giving it my all this time
around. It’s going to be really challenging now that I’m back at work. When I
was on maternity leave, I exercised every day because I was home and could
basically plan it around the boys’ nap schedule…which leads me to my second
goal for the month!
2. Get up at 5:00 every morning to exercise before work
Like I said above, it was
really easy to get my 30 minute workout in every day while I was home on
maternity leave. We commute and hour to school every morning, and then an hour
home – making evening workouts really difficult. When we don’t get home until
around 5:30 or 6:00 each evening, I want to spend all the time that I can with
the boys. Throw in prepping dinner, cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner,
bath and bedtime routines, and sneaking in two or three minutes to sit down and
relax, there isn’t much time left before I collapse on the bed and fall asleep.
The only time I really feel that I’ll be able to workout is in the morning
before we leave for school. I’m going to try my best to get up every morning at
5:00 and fit in my workout for the day!
3. Plan out our meals before grocery shopping
I actually have been doing a
lot better with meal planning, but I still find we are stopping at Walmart at
least two or three times a week for dinner ingredients. With our commute, this
is time that I really would love to get back and not spend wandering through
the aisles at Walmart. We tend to do a big grocery shopping trip in conjunction
with our paychecks (every other week) and then we try and plan a smaller trip
during the off-weeks. Either way, we are at the grocery store at least once a
week (if not more) and I really want to have meals planned out ahead of time. I
definitely notice that when I meal plan, our shopping trips are quicker and
less expensive 🙂
4. Do at least one load of laundry every night
Are you a laundry hoarder
like me? I swear that every week it is the same thing – we don’t touch laundry
until it covers the floor and then spend all weekend playing catch-up. I
definitely want out of that cycle, and I think by doing at least one load a
night, it will really help!
5. Plan and complete a craft with the boys each weekend
Jonah is just starting to
really take an interest in coloring and other tasks that require a little more
concentration. Coloring is a great way to help refine fine motor skills, and I
feel as though he is going to love being introduced to new activities. I want
to plan out a small craft or activity that I can do with him every weekend. He
is shining right now as he learns his shapes and colors – and what better way
to foster his development than engage him in arts and crafts? I’m really
excited about this one!

I’ll be back at the end of the month to talk about how I did achieving these goals. In the meantime, let’s chat in the comments! What goals have you set for yourself or your family?

19 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: March 2015

  1. Great goals, Breanna!

    I did make resolutions this year and have not progressed with any of them. Thankfully there is still plenty of time left this year to chip away at them. 🙂

  2. Weekly meal planning is such a great thing. Takes out all the guess work every evening. You're the 2nd person I've seen lately who has recommended a load of laundry everyday. I may have to try that.

  3. I really want to do the 21day fix. We did the whole30 and eat way better, but I have kind of been eating crappy lately. Also 5AM to workout? Oh boy… it'd never happen here! I need to work out for sure though!

  4. I've heard the 21 Day fix is awesome… Can't wait to hear how it works for you this month! Do you do well with the portion eating??

  5. I can imagine that committing to get up at 5, plus taking care of the boys is hard! The biggest thing that helps me shop (once I've meal planned) is to organize my list by aisle (or at least section–produce, bread, cans, breakfast, frozen, meat, dairy). I don't know if you already do that or not! My mom always did it, but I never did for a long time. Once I started, I realized how much it stopped grazing/made the trips quicker!

  6. I'm working on getting back in shape. I was doing good, until I go sick. I will be getting back into since I am feeling a tad better. I'm still not 100% better, but I feel I need to get back into it. I have goals! I love the crafts with your boys! That will be a blast

  7. These are awesome goals! I need to start laundry every night, so hard for me! And way to go for waking up so early to work out – that's seriously awesome. I've never heard of 21 Day Fix but will have to look into it!

  8. Isn't it so hard to figure out when do to it all since you work full time? I don't know how you manage it all!

  9. Thank you so much Claire! I can honestly say that after a week of forcing myself to do at least one load of laundry a night, it has helped immensely! 🙂 Our laundry pile is contained to one basket instead of all over the entire upstairs! Haha! 🙂

  10. Sarah, I can't thank you enough for stopping by! It definitely is hard to do everything – I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day! It's so funny you mention organizing your shopping list by aisle – I am finally to the point where I know the grocery store well enough that I can do this as I'm making my list! It definitely does help! 🙂

  11. I love this idea. I always try to sit down and write out goals but it gets too overwhelming when I try to do it for an extended period of time. I believe doing it month by month will be a lot more attainable. 🙂 Love!

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