Luca at 4 and 5 Months

Since I’ve been slacking horribly in the “monthly
update” department, I decided to lump Luca’s 4 and 5 month update together in
the same post. I can’t believe how big he is getting and how fast this is
going. I can remember the anticipation of my C-section so clearly, and to think
that it’s already been 5 months ago seems so surreal.

At Luca’s 4 month check-up he weighed in at 16
pounds 15 ounces and measured 27 inches long. He is so big! It’s so fun to see
how different he is than Jonah. Jonah was almost two pounds smaller than what
Luca was at four months. Our little chunk 🙂
We had Luca at the pediatrician three weeks ago due to
his diagnosis of RSV, and at that appointment he weighed in at 17 pounds 9
ounces. I still can’t believe he gained half a pound in three weeks!
We are just now transitioning into size 3
diapers and they fit perfectly. Size 2s were getting just a little bit snug. He
is officially in 9 month clothing. We still have a few 6 month onesies that he
can squeeze into, but 6 month pants are definitely way too short. I hate to
admit this, but he can even fit into a few 12 month things (pants, mostly) and
it makes me so sad!


Little man is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours.
At night he will take a 6 ounce bottle before bed. He is still sleeping through
the night, which we obviously love. We introduced cereal to Luca this week, but
he isn’t too crazy about it. Baby cereal really has no nutritional value, so I
figure it’s more for practice eating from a spoon than anything. As he
approaches 6 months, we’ll start adding in some fruits and veggies to his diet.
Right now we are happy on bottles and the occasional bite or two of cereal.

These past few weeks have been rough in the
napping department. He seems to be going through more extended periods of
wakefulness. He has also been pretty fussy in terms of how he is being held. He
doesn’t want to lay on his back, he doesn’t want to lay on his belly, he doesn’t
want to be held facing in, he doesn’t want to be held facing out, he basically
wants to sit up – but can’t quite do it yet. It’s made for some frustration for
him lately, and for that I feel badly! I also think we might be entering the
first stages of teething, so that doesn’t really help. It’s a good day if we
get can him to cat nap lately. Although, there have been days where he will
give us an hour or two in his crib…it all depends.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow – he is
STILL sleeping through the night. Though I’m sure that’s all about to change
since I typed it out right here for the world to see. Hah! I do think that it’s
almost time to transition him out of the Rock n’ Play and into his crib. We’ll
see about starting that in the coming weeks. Mama isn’t ready!

If you’re keeping track, they still love each
other. Yep – still. It’s the most adorable and rewarding thing in the world.
Jonah is starting to be very in tune with Luca and how he is feeling. He tells
me when Luca is crying, or smiling, or eating, etc. He is still really helpful
and loves to play with him. We often put Luca in his Bumbo and Jonah loves to “pay
cars” with him 🙂
Sweet Luca, you are a ray of sunshine! You smile
constantly and love to coo and babble. The sound of your own voice gets you so
excited that you kick your arms and legs all around. You ROCK at tummy time now
and can hold your head up really well. You are rolling over from tummy to back
(and back to tummy) and hardly stay put anymore. We’ve also unpacked the
bouncer, and you love to sit upright in it and look around. Your feet can touch
the ground, but you haven’t gotten the hang of bouncing just yet.
You love holding onto your toys and making
noises with them. You also love to chew on everything in sight – including your
fists. Your hair is starting to get a little bit darker, but your eyes are
still the most beautiful shade of blue. You are still suffering from some
pretty severe dry skin, unfortunately. We’ve tried everything, but we cannot
get the eczema on your head to let up. It’s been awful – and we still have to
keep mittens on you otherwise you scratch your head until it bleeds. We’re praying for warmer weather soon so your eczema flare ups are hopefully less frequent and severe.

You are purposely reaching for toys now, and you almost never miss. It’s so amazing to watch you grow and develop! We absolutely love how smiley and happy you are and watching you with your big brother is the most rewarding thing in the world!

Look how much you have grown in just 5 short months! You could slow down just a little bit, m’kay? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Luca at 4 and 5 Months

  1. Luca is so stinking cute! Reading this gives me a little baby fever haha. I hope napping gets better. While I was nannying I think the little went through a rough nap stage around this time cause he was learning to roll over and sit up. Once he got that down it was back to napping as usual.

  2. Your boys are just the cutest! I LOVE seeing pictures of them on Instagram! Luca sure is getting big very quickly!

  3. Lisa, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for stopping by! I swear I am in a permanent state of baby fever! Ha ha! 🙂 You are so right – the in between stage of not being able to sit up (but WANTING to) is frustrating to Luca. I definitely see that these days! Hopefully he starts napping again soon!

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