Emergency Car Kit: Tackle Life’s Messes with Huggies Wipes

Many of you know that Kevin and I commute and hour to and from work each day. Right now, we are off for the summer. However, school will be starting back up very soon. When traveling with children, it is always a good idea to be prepared in case of any type of emergency. Maybe that emergency is a surprise blow-out, or an episode of carsickness. Maybe you’ve run out of gas and have starving children in the back seat, or maybe you even just forgot to pack an extra change of clothes in the diaper bag. Maybe the chocolate ice cream cone you gave your kiddo is now smeared all over the interior of the car, and we ALL know that anything with dairy needs to be cleaned up sooner rather than later.

I’ve been caught more than once with a surprise blow-out and no extra clothing in the diaper bag. I will never forget the internal conversations I have had with myself while getting the boys cleaned up: “How could you forget to pack a change of clothes for your children? HOW? They are babies! They poop! What were you thinking!” Not my proudest moments.

I finally decided to do something about my constant forgetfulness. Enter, the Emergency Car Kit! I put together a little basket of our toddler and baby essentials, so we are always prepared for any situation that may arise while traveling with the boys.

Emergency Car Kit: On-The-Go with Huggies Wipes

I found this little fabric basket at TJ Maxx for under $8 – definitely a steal if you ask me! I thought it would be perfect for our Emergency Car Kit! This cute little basket sits in our trunk so it is easy to access and always with us! Here’s a closer peek at what we have inside.

Huggies Wipes

Most people (myself included) are ill equipped when it comes to unexpected messes – especially when on-the-go! Luckily, Huggies Wipes come in so many convenient packs, you can just whip them out wherever you are, for whatever you need!

We are HUGE Huggies Wipes fans, and always have been. We’ve tried every wipe known to man, and we always come back to our faithful favorites – Huggies! One of the things I love most about Huggies Wipes are the Triple Clean Layers. These are the only wipes that aren’t constantly tearing during use, and can withhold even the messiest of blowouts!

Another thing I love about Huggies Wipes is their fun convenient packaging. We keep the Huggies Clutch n’ Clean in our diaper bag, but also have Huggies Designer Tubs scattered throughout the house! We love the Huggies One & Done and Huggies Natural Care. Luca has sensitive skin, so we try to save the Natural Care for him!

Let’s also talk about how convenient wipes are for not only wiping messy bottoms, but wiping up messes in general. Every time we go into a store or restaurant, we use Huggies Wipes to wipe down the cart handles or the table where we are sitting. We use them for EVERYTHING!

Emergency Car Kit

We keep a change of clothes (and diapers and underwear) in this little plastic box (which is actually a $0.97 pencil box from Walmart). We keep them in here just incase something would get wet or leak. I also threw in some Desitin, because goodness knows sometimes we need it!

Emergency Car Kit

Snacks with a baby and toddler are a must! I have some of the kids’ favorites packed into another plastic box. It’s great storage, and helps keep things from crumbling!

Emergency Car Kit

I always toss a water bottle or two in our Emergency Car Kit. You never know when you might need it for a drink, to mix up a bottle, or to clean something. I do add these in at the beginning of every trip – especially in the summer. It’s not good to let your water bottles get overheated in your car! The chemicals from the plastic can absorb into the water. Always remember to throw away water bottles that have been sitting in the hot car too long!

Luca is currently formula fed, and while we are usually really good at making sure we have enough to last us an entire day – sometimes he can be unpredictable with feedings, and we find ourselves one short. This Zoli container is amazing, because it can double as a snack cup! There is enough formula in this container for three feedings, so we are definitely prepared.

We also love the Nuby On-the-Go utensils, because they come in a cute little container that you can toss in your diaper bag and go! We have a set in our diaper bag, too. There are four forks and four spoons inside.

Emergency Car Kit

This little gem is something we grab and take into restaurants with us – or doctor appointments when a small wait is involved. Jonah LOVES to color and draw, so we just have a small pack of crayons and a little notebook in here! We toss it in the diaper bag, and voila – toddler entertainment at it’s finest.

Emergency Car Kit

We also pack a towel, because you never know when one might come in handy. Jonah is in the midst of Potty Training, and having a towel incase of an accident is a huge benefit. We also have a swaddle, because Luca loves them. Sometimes we forget to pack one in the diaper bag, so we keep one in our Emergency Car Kit so there is always one nearby.

Emergency Car Kit

There you have it! There are the items we have in our Emergency Car Kit. It was so hard to narrow down the items, because let’s face it – you could easily pack your entire house! There are some things that we didn’t include because we always have them with us in our diaper bag. For example, we carry sunscreen, infant and toddler Tylenol, infant and toddler Ibuprofen, a temporal thermometer, and other medicine with us at all times – so we didn’t include them here.

By far, our favorite thing in the Emergency Car Kit is Huggies Wipes. I just can’t say enough about them, because we use them for everything! I even use them as makeup removers each night before bed. I got tired of spending upwards of $10 for makeup removing wipes. One day, I grabbed a wipe to try it out, and I’ve never looked back! They are inexpensive, great for sensitive skin, and last a very long time.

They are also great for cleaning messes in the car! Just the other day, Jonah decided to decorate his car seat with a blue crayon. Huggies Wipes to the rescue! They saved Jonah’s carseat thanks to their Triple Clean Technology.

Do you have an Emergency Car Kit? What is in yours?

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  1. No, no emergency kit, but I carry just about everything and then some in my purse, which is almost always with me when I’m driving. I like your solution better. 🙂

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