Back to School with Walmart

As a public school teacher, it can sometimes drive you crazy to see Back to School displays in early July. Now that it’s August, stores are flooded with all things Back to School. The new school year is just around the corner, and I am so excited! I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with school supplies. Crayons! Markers! Highlighters! Binders! If you can stay organized with it, I need it.

Shopping with two little ones can be quite an adventure. Do you know how happy it makes me to be able to shop at Walmart for school supplies and get everything I need? I don’t have to worry about running in and out of multiple stores with a toddler and 9 month old. We can get everything we need in ONE place – which is a dream come true!

Back to School Like a Boss with Walmart

Walmart’s Back to School aisles are always so organized and easy to find. I absolutely love that everything has it’s place and items are always well stocked (unless of course, you wait until the day before school starts).

Back to School Like a Boss with Walmart

Back to School Like a Boss with Walmart


Back to School Like a Boss with Walmart

The teacher in me wants to go crazy buying everything in sight. I absolutely love that so many Back to School products support our schools through Box Tops for Education. In fact, Walmart is offering quite a few products with DOUBLE BOXTOPS! It’s so great to find extra incentives to buy the products you (or your child’s classroom) already need. As a second grade teacher, I can assure you that little noses go through plenty of Kleenex in a school year. Especially during cold and flu season! I speak from experience when I say that our School Fair is an amazing event that happens at the end of every school year, and it’s all possible because of the Box Tops for Education program. Be sure to check out the products highlighted above (and below) for your chance at collecting extra Boxtops for your child’s school!

Back to School Like a Boss with Walmart

Click here to find out more about products with Bonus Boxtops for your child’s classroom!

Have you started school shopping yet?

29 thoughts on “Back to School with Walmart

  1. I’m just like you! I lovelovelove new crayons, sharpies, and all things back to school! I always have–even as a kid and it just got to continue when I became a teacher! 🙂

    We’ve already started saving Box Tops for my new kindergartner!

  2. The Boxtops program is such a great one! It’s a great way to buy what you need and give back at the same time. Your pictures make me want to run out and go shopping too!

  3. School supplies are so my thing – and I don’t even go to school anymore! I usually treat myself to a new pen or notebook when they bring out the new displays with the excuse that I am a writer and will use them all eventually! 🙂

  4. I am so unprepared for back-to-school because my son will be a senior! Noooo, it really can’t be so! I do like seeing all of the deals though because there are always things I need!

  5. School supplies are my weakness. I am OBSESSED with notebooks and pens. Okay highlighters too.

    I have started shopping off the supply list that our SPED teacher sent home. Thankfully I am able to reuse a lot of what was sent last year. I still need to find my extras (stuff bought on clearance last year) box and see what I have in there before I pick up the rest of the stuff on the list.

  6. Now that all my kids are grown, I no longer shop for back-to-school items, but I remember those days as if it was yesterday. It’s always much more convenient to get it all done in one place. Walmart has such a great variety of back-to-school needs.

  7. Thankfully we’re almost done with our school shopping and Walmart had some really good deals this year. I have a few last essentials to pick up and we’ll be ready for the first day!

  8. this is definitely a nice place to stock up without spending a ton. I like how they have everything organized so you can get all the back-to-school stuff you need quickly!

  9. We have 3 Walmart stores nearby and we always check out their sale first. I need to go there soon, pick up some back to school supplies

  10. I prefer going to stores whose back to school supplies are well organized. I hate going from aisle to aisle looking for stuff. Walmart made sure that all their back to school stuff is very well organized. Box tops for education is a great campaign!

  11. I went school supply shopping at Walmart the minute I saw they were out! I got almost all of the supplies for 3 kids and spent less than $30! Great place to go for back to school.

  12. Walmart makes Back to School shopping so much easier. I am just starting my shopping for my Daughter. It is her first year at College. We are getting what she needs for her dorm room.

  13. Ahhh crazy that it’s already back to school shopping time!!!! We will definitely be hitting Walmart! Swear I love there some days lol

  14. I am usually totally ahead of the game when it come to school shopping, but this year it has snuck up on us way to quickly!! I can’t believe that’s only weeks away!

  15. Even though we’re about to say goodbye to summer, I can’t help but get excited because it’s back-to-school shopping time again! I don’t know, but I still get excited getting new school supplies. I can’t wait to head to Walmart and check their stuffs.

  16. I got to admit when we would go back to school shopping it would always be Walmart we would head too. They have the best deals for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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