#ShareABear – The Magic of Giving and Friendship

I can still remember my first teddy bear. It was a very soft pink, it had white ears, and it never left my side. I can remember taking it everywhere with me. I’m sure my parents remember that part, too! Stuffed friends can offer so much security to children of all ages. My husband would tell you that I still sleep with a stuffed rabbit he got me on one of our first dates – and I’m going to turn the big 3-0 in September!

It’s been a really amazing thing to watch my boys begin to get really attached to certain “stuffies”. Jonah has to sleep with one every night. Luca is a bit too young still, but I look forward to seeing which stuffed companion comforts him in the coming years.

Did you know that this Wednesday, September 9th, is National Teddy Bear Day? Yes, a day to honor those stuffed friends of all shapes and sizes that comfort people of all ages! In honor of National Teddy Bear Day, Snuggle has created the #ShareABear movement to show the world that something as small as gifting a teddy bear can brighten someone’s day! Snuggle will be making the world a softer place by personally donating teddy bears to people who need them most. Every time a photo, video, or story is posted to Social Media using the hashtag #ShareABear, Snuggle will donate a teddy bear to a child in need. How amazing is this, friends?

#ShareABear National Teddy Bear Day

As soon as we heard about the #ShareABear campaign, Jonah immediately knew who he wanted to share his stuffed friends with. He of course, gave one to his little brother…but he also gave one to his very best friend Olivia. Check out the video below!

Jonah and Olivia’s friendship has been a beautiful blessing! Olivia’s parents are some of our very best friends, and they were born only 7 weeks apart. They have literally been friends since birth, and we look forward to all the memories we will create together as they grow! When I asked Jonah who he would like to surprise with a teddy bear, I was barely able to finish my sentence before he blurted out, “Ih-yah” (Olivia)!

Will you PLEASE join me in sharing a story, photo, or video of your child’s favorite stuffed friend this SeptemBEAR? Be sure to use the hashtag #ShareABear in order for it to register with Snuggle! Let’s all work together to help make the world a softer place for those that need it most – our children.

#ShareABear National Teddy Bear Day

Happy National Teddy Bear Day. Won’t you help us give the gift of friendship to a child in need?


5 thoughts on “#ShareABear – The Magic of Giving and Friendship

  1. Aww I love that Snuggle is willing to donate a teddy bear to a child in need. I was looking at the pictures and thought that looked like a snuggle bear. Sweet idea nd I’m glad that snuggle is willing to do that for kids!

  2. Awwww I didn’t have a bear per say I had a frog it would make noise. It was my favorite toy and I think I still have it packed away somewhere. My daughter has a unicorn as her first animal but even if it’s a bear they never forget that one special toy.

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