4 Ways to Fight Diaper Rash

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! It’s almost 11:00 in the morning here in Pennsylvania, and the entire downstairs of our little house has been deep cleaned. I’ll call that a success with two little ones running around!

Speaking of those two little ones…our youngest, Luca, has been sick a few days shy of a week now. We’ve been told it’s a virus by his pediatrician, so we’re doing the best we can to keep him comfortable while he fights it off! I don’t know about you, but when both of my kiddos have been sick, they almost ALWAYS get a diaper rash. Jonah will be three a month from today, and Luca just turned one two weeks ago. Jonah has been potty trained since this summer, but Luca is still in diapers. Between the two of them, you can imagine how many diapers we’ve changed!

Fortunately, we’ve been fairly lucky in the diaper rash department. They’ve both had their fair share of those pesky little rashes, but then again, we’ve always been huge fans of Desitin! We have used Desitin from the beginning of our little boys’ lives to not only treat diaper rash, but also to prevent it.

In our three years as parents, we have learned A LOT (but I promise, I still feel like a failure most of the time). One of those things we’ve learned a lot about is diaper rash, so let’s get to it! Here are 4 ways we fight diaper rash in our house:

4 Ways to Fight Diaper Rash

1. Change your little one frequently. The longer they are sitting in a dirty diaper, the better their chances of developing a diaper rash become…especially if it is a # 2. I know that when my kiddos eat lots of fruit, they seem more prone to diaper rashes. We try and change them immediately after a # 2, and frequently throughout the day when they are only wet.

2. Ditch the wipes! If you notice your little one developing some redness…ditch the wipes! Even the sensitive ones can still irritate their skin. If the boys developed redness, we’d stop using wipes and use washcloths with warm water. Of course, this works easily if they are only wet. It can get a little messy if you’re dealing with a # 2, but you could always use wipes to clean up the majority of it, and then wipe them clean with a warm washcloth. It helps take the residue off of their skin and leave them a lot more comfortable, and a lot less red!

3. Ditch the diaper! I know how potentially scary this sounds…but one of the best ways to fight diaper rash is to air it out. When a rash (or any irritation for that matter) is covered all day long, it’s going to have a hard time healing. Let your little one have some diaper-free time! Even if you only let them diaper-less for 20-25 minutes after each changing, I promise you’ll notice a huge difference!

4. Use a diaper rash cream. The one we love and use faithfully is Desitin! We use both the Rapid Relief and Maximum Strength options. When using it daily is a preventative measure, we use the Rapid Relief (the blue tube) and when treating an actual diaper rash, we use the Maximum Strength (purple tube).

Desitin Maximum Strength is the only leading brand that contains the maximum level of zinc oxide, immediately forming a protective barrier to help heal and soothe diaper rash discomfort. Desitin’s thick, rich, hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested formula provides overnight relief for baby’s tender skin. There’s no stronger treatment available without a prescription!

4 Ways to Fight Diaper Rash

4 Ways to Fight Diaper Rash

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What’s your best diaper rash tip?

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