My Favorite iPhone Apps for Photo Editing

Favorite iPhone Apps for Photo Editing

If you follow me on Social Media, you know that I post lots of pictures of my kiddos! I probably have at least 2 or 3 people a week ask me what I use to edit my photos, so I thought I’d put together a little post highlighting my favorite photo editing apps! I currently have an iPhone 6+ and love it!

First, here are all of the apps I use and how I have them organized on my phone. I guess technically they could all go in one folder. A lot of them have text features regardless of which folder I have them in, but I kind of have them organized by what I use them for, rather than what all uses they have. Does that make sense? It’s late, and I’m tired. Hah!




Okay, so let’s start with the photography apps!

  1. PicTapGo ($1.99)
    This is probably the most used app on my phone for editing photos. I absolutely love the filters that this app offers. There are many to choose from and it’s super simple. I also love that the app stores your “recipes” so you can save a certain look you’ve achieved and apply it to future photos you edit.
  2. Rhonna Collage ($1.99)
    This app offers a slightly different take on the standard collages you see floating around Facebook and Instagram. You can make circle collages (which I love) and make them pretty unique! There are a lot of different backgrounds and embellishments to choose from as well.
  3. Diptic ($0.99)
    Diptic is an app that allows you to make standard collages of your photos. There are a lot of different templates available and they are completely customizable!
  4. A Beautiful Mess ($0.99)
    This app offers filters, borders, doodles, the ability to add your own text, and cute phrases you can add to your photos. I absolutely love this app! The phrases are super cute and almost have a painted or watercolor effect to them. The fonts are pretty cute, too!
  5. Facetune ($3.99)
    This app offers you the ability to enhance your photos by whitening teeth, smoothing skin, getting rid of blemishes, and more!
  6. Chatbooks and Groovebook (Both free)
    These are two of the apps I use to print my phone photos! Chatbooks takes your Instagram photos and prints them for you in a little soft-covered book. I have chosen to print my entire Instagram feed. I get one book every month for $8! Groovebook allows you to choose right off your camera roll that you’d like to get printed. The photos come in a cute little book. Each photo is printed on perforated paper so that you can choose to tear them out or leave them be!
  7. PicLab Studio ($3.99)
    This awesome app has a lot of different features. You can add text and artwork (there is a TON of artwork) and you can also draw right on your photo! You can also adjust the brightness and contrast as well as exposure and saturation.
  8. ColorStory (Free)
    This is one of my newer apps, and I’m slowly but surely learning all of the features it holds. There are a lot of filters, and lots of cool photo effects such as light leaks and sunflares. You can also tweak your photo with lots of adjustments. There are a lot of in-app purchases, however.
  9. Rhonna Designs ($1.99) and Rhonna Designs Magic ($1.99)
    I love Rhonna Designs apps! They all offer their own unique features, and are of great quality! Rhonna Designs Magic allows you to add multiple layers to your photos with features like textures, blur, edges, light leaks, bokeh, and more! Rhonna Designs is the original app, and it focuses more on adding text and artwork to your photos.
  10. Obaby ($4.99)
    This is hands down one of my favorite apps for decorating photos of your little ones! There are a ton of different categories for both pregnancy, labor, and beyond. You can take weekly belly pictures, weekly baby pictures, as well as use it for all milestones in between. It’s definitely worth every penny!
  11. Little Moments ($1.99)
    Another cute app for adding phrases and artwork to your photos! If you’re familiar with the Fat Mum Slim photo challenges or Fat Mum Slim blog, this app was created by her!
  12. Baby Pics ($2.99)
    This is very similar to Obaby in that you add little phrases and artwork to your photos. You can also add filters.
  13. Typic ($3.99)
    This app allows you to flip your images. This comes in handy when you take a front-facing photo and the words are now suddenly backwards on your shirt. I use this app to fix that! You can also add filters, make adjustments, add lightleaks, frames, text, designs, and more!
  14. Baby Story ($0.99)
    This is also similar to both Obaby and Baby Pics. This app has a lot of artwork and the ability to add your own text and filters.
  15. Photofy (Free)
    This app is great for using premade templates and adding in your photos. You can add cute backgrounds and search thousands of designs and doodles for your photos.
  16. Little Nugget ($1.99)
    This is another one of my newer apps. Similar to some of the others I use, you can add artwork and little doodles to your photos. You can create a feed for each child though, which is different than a lot of the other apps!
  17. Over (Free)
    This app allows you to add text to your photos! There are a lot of fonts available and I love how easy it is to use.
  18. WordSwag ($3.99)
    This app is one of my FAVORITES! You can create text images so fast and easy – literally with the tap of your screen. You can change up the look in seconds because the app does it all for you. This is definitely a must-have if you are running a business online or even a blogger. I use it almost every single day!

There you have it, friends! 18 of my favorite apps! I hope you found a few new ones you can download and explore. Maybe they will become your favorite, too!

36 thoughts on “My Favorite iPhone Apps for Photo Editing

  1. Oh wow, there are a lot more apps out there than I realized. I need to go hit up the app store and start downloading some of these.

    1. There are definitely a ton out there! I love to show others what I use because sometimes it can be overwhelming to sort through all the ones that are out there!

  2. I do a lot of photo editing for instagram on my phone. I need to check out some of these apps that I hadn’t heard of before.

    1. I like to make my collages in either Diptic or Rhonna Collage – I’m not a huge fan of the Instagram layout app! I’m not sure why – it’s pretty simple, too!

  3. I do use a few of these, but I haven’t heard of some of these. I’m looking forward to checking them out, especially the typography ones. Thanks!

  4. I will definitely be pinning this post for all of the great photo resources you share. I am all about having the most beautiful photos possible and easy editing options, too.

  5. Great tips. I am just starting to explore the world of editing photos on your phone. My kids shake their heads when I edit a pic on the computer and then email it to myself.

  6. I am always snapping pictures on my phone of the kids and pictures for work as well! I had not heard of some of these apps before!! What a great way to cut out work on the computer by editing on the phone instead.

  7. This is awesome to know. I am always looking for good apps on my phone to edit photos, I take so many photos these will be great to try!

  8. Oh I need to check out these apps. I don’t think I have any of them installed on my phone. I do want a better app for photographs so I’ll be look at those for sure.

  9. Thanks for sharing these helpful apps for editing photos on your cell phone. One of my goals for this year was to take better photos with my cell. I miss a lot of moments running to get my big camera and then it’s too late. I plan to bookmark this post as I have no idea how to edit my photos on my phone other than brightening them up a little bit and I’m amazed at what can be done with these very inexpensive apps.

  10. This is a bit overwhelming. But, it is so nice to learn of all the great photography apps out there to really enhance my photos for both work and personal life. I am going to tackle a few of the free ones first, to explore and experiment. Thanks for the fantastic list!

  11. That’s an awesome list of apps to help you manage your photos and make them fabulous before sharing with the world. I might need to pick up a few of them for the iPad we own. WordSwag sounds like one for me to start with.

  12. Thank you for this post!!! I just got a new phone…an iPhone, mainly for the fact that it takes beautiful pictures! I’ve been looking for goods app to install to use for my photos, especially for my Blog pics!

  13. I use most of these, but some are ones I had not heard of! I am going to add a few more photo editing apps, because I am addict to editing photos 😉

  14. These are great tips for photo editing for iphones. Now days there are so many people using their phones for photos so apps like this are very much need. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  15. That’s quite a collection you have. I don’t have a single one on my phone and don’t edit photos at all. I may now have to download a few of yours and give them a try.

  16. I don’t have an iPhone but these photography apps alone are enough to make me want to make the switch and get one. There are so many options and most of the time my phone is the only means that I have to take a photo when I am not at home.

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