Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: A Review

Hello blog friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I can’t believe it’s Sunday afternoon already. Where does the time go?  After catching up on cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, I feel like the weekend has flown by!

Speaking of grocery shopping…have you heard of Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks? It has seriously saved my mom-of-three-boys-grocery-shopping LIFE!

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

As you can imagine, it can be quite the feat entering a grocery store with three children three and under – especially when you are trying to, you know, grocery shop! We have always put our car seats in the basket (large part) of the shopping cart. Car seats, as much as you see it, are absolutely not meant to sit on top of shopping carts. Even if you think that your seat “clips” on the cart, it is a total coincidence and isn’t meant to be used in that manner. Babywearing isn’t always an option, and if you are planning on grocery shopping for more than 3 items, having your carseat in the basket of the cart can put a real damper on space.

The shopping cart hammock is a great alternative to placing your shopping cart unsafely atop shopping carts. Just look at Finn…he loves it!

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Things I Love:

  • It folds up so nicely when not in use. It fits anywhere in your car, so you’re never without it!
  • It’s so easy to install and takes less than a minute! I will say, however, that you definitely need both hands to install it. If you are alone with a baby that can’t sit up yet, definitely think ahead on how you want to install it. I almost always park beside a cart corral, so I pull a cart over, install the hammock, and then take my baby out of the carseat and put him directly into the hammock.
  • It’s very easy to uninstall. I was able to do it one-handed.
  • The hammock is very secure and sturdy. Baby is buckled in and can’t go anywhere!
  • The material is so soft! The hammock comes in adorable patterns and is machine washable. (Just don’t put it in the dryer!)
  • It fits all standard metal and plastic shopping carts that are 20-24 inches wide.
  • You can also use it as a car seat holder in the large part of the shopping cart.
  • It can hold up to 50 pounds.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Things to Consider:

  • The hammock can be used with babies from birth until they are able to sit up unassisted. The is a pretty good angle made when baby is using the hammock. I would probably not use one with a brand new baby simply because their chin may touch their chest (which is something I am vigilant about.) However, you can use the hammock with your carseat until baby is a little older!
  • It can still be tricky to load items into and out of your cart.

It truly has been a game changer for us! Finn is now sitting up on his own, but we got a ton of use out of it before he was able to sit up and we plan on saving it if we are blessed with Baby Rush # 4.

You can purchase your Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock on the Binxy Baby website or on Amazon.

How to you handle multiple little ones in the grocery store? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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