Milestone: The Original Baby Cards – A Review

Growing up in the age of Social Media is so much different than when we grew up. In this day and age, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to document everything and anything we can…especially when it comes to our children.

Photographs mean so much to me as a mom. It’s amazing to think that we have a way to freeze time through pictures and videos. When Jonah was an infant four years ago, the monthly stickers you could put on their clothing were extremely popular. Over the years, more and more products have popped up that help us moms document what our kiddos are doing!

One of my favorite ways to document milestones for my boys is to use these gorgeous Milestone cards!


These cards, from Milestone: The Original Baby Cards, are such cute little photo props! They are printed on a very sturdy card stock, and the wordings and pictures are absolutely adorable for tiny hands! The quality impressed me from the minute I opened the package. The storage box itself is amazing!


We just celebrated our middle kiddo’s 2nd birthday last week! Here he is showing you the “Today I Turn 2” card…food on his face and all. Haha!


The cards in the photo above are from the Toddler Milestone Cards collection. There are SO many different themed cards to choose from. We also own the The Original Baby Cards! Click here to see all the different options you can choose from. If we are blessed with Baby # 4, I will definitely be purchasing the pregnancy and newborn cards!

Each set of cards comes in an adorable little box and has a large directory of the various “firsts” that are included in the set. We have ours hanging on refrigerator so that I see it often and know what firsts and milestones I can document once my boys begin doing them!


Another thing I love about the cards is the space at the bottom for the date! You can put the date your child or children achieve each milestone, that way you can refer back to them.


These are perfect for baby books, or if you are the digital type (like me), they are perfect to include in your photo books!


Do you document your childrens’ miletones through photos? What do you like to use? If you decide to give these cards I try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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