Monthly Goals: January 2017

And just like that, January is here once again as we welcome 2017 and the adventures that await us this new year. 2016 was a wonderful year for our growing family! In February we welcomed sweet Finn – the third boy in our wild tribe. He’s grown so much over the course of the year. In fact, he started walking just shy of turning 10 months old. We celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss, Jonah’s fourth birthday, and Luca’s second. So many wonderful memories. So many tears, both happy and sad. So many milestones reached between the three of our boys – and Kevin and I had the best seat in the house! May 2017 bring lots of love, smiles, happiness, and beauty to all who read this!

Those of you that know me probably have already figured out that I am not a resolution type of girl. Each year, I choose one word to focus on and try to weave that through everything I do as the year progresses. This year, my word is focus. 2016 left me a mess in terms of trying to balance my many hats: wife, mom, teacher, photographer, blogger, designer. It was really difficult for me to keep up with everything and do it well. A lot of it has to do with our commute. 2 to 3 hours in a car every day doesn’t exactly help with the whole “not enough hours in the day” conundrum while working full time, with three little children at home, and three side-jobs. Guilt began to creep in. My goal this year is to shift my focus back to my own family. My marriage. This absolutely does not mean that I don’t want to continue my love of photography and handmade goods. It just means that I’m going to cut back a little bit and make sure I have enough time to give it my all.

While we are on the topic of things I’d like to accomplish over the course of this year, I am also going to be giving my monthly goals a try again! It’s so nice to set small goals for myself to accomplish in short amounts of time. It’s definitely less overwhelming than trying not to break a resolution for an entire year. With that being said, here are my monthly goals for January! I’ll be sure to check back in as the month draws to a close to let you all know how I’ve done.

1. Work out three times a week.

Already I feel guilty that those bolded words up there don’t say, “Exercise every day.” However, I know myself best, and I also know that jumping in full force will lead me to failure almost immediately. I am planning on doing a combination of Shakeology, Country Heat, and Weight Watchers to help me better myself this year. By starting out slowly, I am hoping that I can be more successful.

2. Drink more water.

My goal this month is to be more conscious of how much water I’m drinking. There were a few days over break where I found myself drinking NO water. NONE. That’s horrible. I’m definitely going to try and do better!

3. Blog three times a week.

Blogging used to be (and still is) such a fun outlet for me. Life happens though, and things began to get shifted to the back burner – this being the first thing to go usually. I’m so sad I missed out on a year of documenting our life on this little ol’ blog, but I’m going to try my best go get back on the horse!

4. Read more bedtime stories.

As a teacher, I hang my head in shame that this even made the list. We try and read as much as possible – and definitely get more reading in on the weekends. But can I be real for a second? When we literally have 2 hours to get ready for the next day, make and clean up dinner, do bath time, and head to bed…I find myself saying “We’ll read tomorrow night!” as I hurriedly try to get the kids to sleep so they can have a somewhat decent amount of sleep for the next day. We’re going to work on this!

5. Keep up with my 365 Project.

This year, I am going to try my absolute best to get my big girl camera out every single day and snap a photo of my kiddos in their “natural habitat” if you will. No fancy lighting – no Alien Bees or soft boxes, no off camera flash, no themed outfit, no backdrop…just my kids being themselves!

Do you have a word to focus on this year? What about goals? Maybe you’re better at making resolutions? Share with me your goals for the new year! May we all find ourselves succeeding in the months to come!

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